The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Smiling for the camera, Junior Adhit Eswaramoorthi and his fellow DECA member Justin Khadivi and Aryan Anarkat as they stay in their room during the state competition in Houston. Eswaramoorthi, Anarkat, and Rushil Mehta participated in the event Franchise Business Plans and advanced to the DECA International Competition. “I think being in DECA and talking to different people from different schools allowed me to expand how I view and go about meeting new people, Eswaramoorthi said. Which connects to robotics and the work ethic you have to have.

The Man, the Myth, The Legend

Penny Moreno, Reporter May 21, 2024

He sits at his desk, focused and locked in as he finalizes his twenty-pager. He taps on his keyboard as he thinks about the proposal that he is writing up and the hard work that he has put in. He further...

Hands flying up and down the bass clarinet, Giovani Lang-pale belts out a tune within the confines of his personal practice room. “Its incredible,” Lang-pale said. “The feeling, the feeling that you feel whenever youre like, okay, I did this. Nice. That was good. Now I have to think about this. Okay, Im doing this. Look over there. Look at this. Its really cool to have your brain be able to process so many things simultaneously while youre running. Youre marching. Youre playing. And its really hard to. Which is what makes it fun, you know?”

Gio-Logical Legend

Cason Johnson, Reporter March 12, 2024

Silence fills the room as order of the judges, who stare across the room at the standalone figure. The player clutches his instrument close to his chest in anticipation, the instrument composed of a series...

Hands lightly strumming the strings, senior Frank Song performs at a competition in China with his acoustic guitar in hand. Song has been singing for three years, accompanied by six years of playing guitar. “I value the impact of the music the most,” Song said. “Shawn Mendez is definitely one of the most inspirational musicians I know when I was starting to learn guitar and singing.” Photo courtesy of Frank Song

Heal Them with Music

Cason Johnson, Reporter March 6, 2024

The crowd falls silent as the hands hit the strings. The music slowly becomes louder and louder for the audience. The distractions and worries disappear from senior Frank Song’s mind, and the only thing...

Microphone in hand, sophomore Grayson Levee records his voice for his next song. Levee has put together seven different orchestral covers, his longest longest piece is a “Star Wars” tribute titled “The Force” lasting 7 minutes and 15 seconds. “During the school week, I don’t compose very much due to homework and other after school activities, but I would say I spend two to three hours each weekend working on composing mainly orchestral pieces, although sometimes I enjoy simplicity, so I write a piano piece,” Levee said.

Shooting for Superstar Status

Cason Johnson, Reporter October 25, 2023

Silence fills the PAC, followed by anticipation. The first few notes echo behind closed curtains, steadily getting faster and faster. The curtains slowly open revealing the master behind the melody, sophomore...

Standing in front of Buckingham Palace in London, England, freshman Arthur Ce smiles as he holds a mug depicting the late Queen Elizabeth II. Alongside the mug, Ce is also holding onto his familiar chicken satchel. [The chicken bag] mostly makes people laugh, but I also think I look pretty good in it, Ce said. Last year at the high school banquet, my friend Annie had this really cool chicken purse, so as a joke, I asked her to buy me one, but during the summer, she actually did get me one. (Photo Courtesy of Arthur Ce)

The Curious Case of Arthur Ce

Anthony Luparello, Reporter February 15, 2023

Before he leaves his house, he slips on his Willy Wonka jacket, slides his geometric shaped glasses onto his face and grabs one of his three chicken bags. Coming into his first year of high school,...

Senior Alec Peal participates in Cedar Parks drumline. “I would say [drumline] is the part of the marching band that brings it all together,” Peal said. Every section of the band is important and we all have our own role. Drumline’s role is to keep the time and keep the show going; it’s definitely an integral part of the marching band.” Peal plans to move to Utah to work with the Timpview High School drumline as a drum tech during college.

Alec Peal is the Real Deal

Callie Copeland, Reporter May 30, 2019

“Do me a favor and have yourself a super night.” Each night as the curtains closed on Cedar Park Theatre’s "Legally Blonde," one character, dressed in tiny brown shorts and a UPS shirt, said these...

Senior Sydney Polishook stands with former student Rahul Kothari, who helped get her a spot at New Yorks Buzzfeed headquarters for COOL Week in February. “I would say to anyone considering COOL Week to do it,” Polishook said. “It’s an amazing opportunity to go to job sites and get your name out there. [COOL week] is the perfect opportunity to get your name in people’s heads for the future.”

Clocking In at Buzzfeed

Callie Copeland, Reporter May 13, 2019

“Spend All Of Your Money At Urban Outfitters And We'll Reveal Which Ariana Grande Song Matches Your Personality.” “How Do Your Girl Scout Cookie Opinions Compare To Others?” These questions...

Reviewing the dance for SXSW, junior Iriyana Lipkin prepares for future shows. This year, I am just looking forward to creating my own opportunities, Lipkin said. Whatever this year brings to me, I am excited to take it and run with it.

Iriyana’s Got Talent

Addy Bates, Reporter February 5, 2019

Four a.m. It is typically a time for sleeping, but for junior Iriyana Lipkin, 4 a.m. was once the end of a 10-hour rehearsal in preparation for "America’s Got Talent." On top of school work, being...

Senior Lance White holds up a Stick it to Cancer button that he made with his nonprofit, Lift Brigade.

Be the Brigade

Deana Trautz, Editor-in-Chief November 30, 2018

September 2, 2014 – a date that senior Lance White knows by heart. It was the day that he was given news that would change his life forever, the day that Dr. Virginia Harrod came to his bedside and told...

Junior Loree Morin poses in her mermaid tail before school on Oct. 23. Morin said that she has always wanted to be a mermaid and became a mermaid instructor at Aquamermaid School in Austin in September. Whenever youre in a tail and youre swimming, you just feel so beautiful and super excited, Morin said. For me, the big reason I want to be a mermaid is to inspire people and to make kids smile.

Make a Splash

Morgan Kasel, Reporter November 20, 2018

Always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid. These are words to live by for junior Loree Morin, who spends the majority of her free time pursuing her childhood dreams in a fabric tail. Morin became...

Humans of CP: Hannah Stein

Humans of CP: Hannah Stein

Jordy Peterson, Reporter June 2, 2017

Not only is sophomore Hannah Stein an all AP student, she’s also a dancer at Impact Dance Company. Stein has juggled between studying for AP Psychology tests and late night dance practices, while still...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School
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