Pro Promposals


Provided by Meredith McQueen

As prom season comes around, boys and girls start popping the question, “Will you go to prom with me?”

Kerry Madden, Reporter

Going Bananas

What would you do if a person in a banana suit was in your driveway? On her way home from work, senior Meredith McQueen believed that she was meeting up with friends at her house. Little did she know that she would come home to a surprise in her driveway. Spelled out in bananas, with a clever poster reading “I would go bananas if you would go to prom with me,” and an outfit to match, McQueen’s good friend and fellow senior Ty Marwitz popped the promposal question.
On the night of prom, McQueen and Marwitz “had a really nice time taking pictures, eating dinner and dancing” with their friends. To top it all off, they joined a group of seniors and went to TopGolf.


Wynning Streak

When Jack Grimm was called up by Coach Nadira King at this year’s cheer banquet, junior Wynne Mcdonald laughed because she thought he didn’t have a speech planned. Grimm began his speech thanking the parents and cheerleaders for their effort and support throughout the football season.
“We went 16-0 this season and I’d like to keep my Wynning streak going. Wynne McDonald will you go to prom with me?” Grimm said as McDonald recalls it.
When Grimm asked and walked over to her with a bouquet of flowers, McDonald turned bright red and could only nod her head yes because she was truly speechless.
In regards to prom, “I wouldn’t have wanted to be anyone else’s date,” McDonald said.


High School Musical IRL

We grew up with our expectations of high school being set by Disney original movies, and much to our dismay, dramatic outbursts of song and dance aren’t part of the status quo. This couple however, made a piece of fiction a reality. Senior Taylor Rowe was caught off guard while at work with her boyfriend’s surprise promposal; a banner inspired by High School Musical with a Wildcat t-shirt to match.


Gone Fishin’ for a date

A casual kayaking outing for senior Lauren Shimer turned into a promposal when senior Aaron Richter surprised her with a fish, not just any fish of course. While Shimer was distracted, Richter attached a wooden fish with “Prom?” to the end of a fishing pole. When she turned back around, Richter asked the question.