Prom 2017


The photo booth at this year’s prom let students take short interactive photos.

Houston Fuller, Reporter

This year’s prom took place on April 8 at the University of Texas Club in downtown Austin. This year it was themed after a Carnival and included various games and activities for the attendees. From an ice cream bar, to ski ball, to photo booths, there was plenty to do.

We have a lot of different vendors that have to come in, so communicating and getting the help to help before hand was important,” English teacher Nadira King said. “I love seeing everything and how it turns out and kind of relaxing for a second and just staring at it all.”

Students arrived dressed up for the occasion at 8 p.m. The room that prom was held in had seating for people to eat at, a dance floor in the center of the room and an entire section dedicated to games for attendees to play. Students said they really enjoyed the photo booth area.

So prom was been really fun. I liked seeing all my friends and catching up in an environment out of school and seeing them all dressed up,” senior Courtney Fielding said. “I also liked the interactive photo booth.”

 Senior Sean Buffaloe said he and his date were the first to show up and were impressed with the amount of things to do. 

“It’s been pretty good,” Buffaloe said. “There’s a bunch of free stuff, caricatures, flip books, a lot of free food, nice people, ice cream, you name it, they got it. Honestly wasn’t expecting this much from a Carnival theme, but they really blew it out of the water this year.”