Student Profile: Marie Pearce

Lizzy Lamm

When people see freshman Marie Pearce dance, they know in an instant that she has a natural talent. Pearce has won countless awards, and was accepted into Joffrey Ballet School’s summer program in New York City on scholarship, along with placing first at the Showstopper competition in San Antonio a few weeks ago.

“Dance is an amazing thing and I’m so proud to be representing it as a dancer,” Pearce said. “Everything I do in dance has a huge meaning in my life and all ends with me being able to perform for others.”

Pearce starting dancing when she was three, and it was just something her parents wanted her to do.

“Over time I’ve grown to have a huge appreciation for dance and I am motivated to do my best each time I perform,” Pearce said.

Pearce is attending the Joffrey Ballet School’s summer program in New York City for 2 weeks. She was accepted by auditioning in Austin for both the ballet and jazz programs.


“What I am most proud of is the feedback and comments I get from both of my instructors, guest instructors, and other dancers,” Pearce said. “It makes me remember everything I love about dance and keeps me going when I know that I’m having a positive impact on others and succeeding in classes.”

At a recent competition in San Antonio, the talented freshman placed first out of a group of young dancers, ages 15-19, earning her the Crystal Award in competitive dance.

“I am so lucky to have received each award and to have had so many great experiences with dance,” Pearce said. “I know that I’ve worked my hardest to get where I am and will continue on, hopefully, to a career in dance.”