Taste of Asia

New Cultural Club Educates Students Through Cuisine, Games


Photo by Nithila Ilangovan

Using chopsticks, seniors Aileen Vo and Isabelle Thai enjoy ramen that was made fresh during the Asian Heritage Club meeting on Nov. 8. There were 27 total students at the meeting, which was 15 more than their prior meeting. “I really liked the ramen that was served, and I was really happy and surprised that a lot of people, asians and non-asians alike, showed up,” Thai said.

Nithila Ilangovan, Reporter

From seven people at the first meeting, to 12 at the second, to 27 at last Thursday’s meeting, Asian Heritage Club hopes to grow further this year. The officers, seniors Grant Lee, Justin Nita, Joon Kim, Titus Ou and Alden Yi, initiated this club to educate and promote the culture of Asia to students through fun means.

“I was initially intrigued by how there is an African Heritage Club at our school but not an Asian one,” Yi said. “We are both considered minorities, yet one is represented and one is not. So me and my friends decided to create a club that commemorates Asian culture and heritage.”

Senior Grant Lee said there are no requirements to join the club.

“Anyone can join, and they should because it’s fun and a great way to meet new people,” Lee said. “We also provide free food and drinks from Asian culture at our meetings.”

At their most recent meeting, members played a game of Kahoot to learn more about the culture, and got served fresh ramen with chopsticks, as well as traditional meats of Asia.

Senior Isabelle Thai said she enjoyed her first time at the meeting last week, and hopes to bring more friends to the meetings in the future.

“I really liked the ramen that was served, and I was really happy and surprised that a lot of people, Asians and non-Asians alike, showed up,” Thai said. “People should join because it is a way to get familiar with Asian culture and have fun with your friends.”

Senior Kristin Knight said she was excited about seeing what Asian Heritage Club was about when she decided to go last Thursday as well.

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect,” Knight said. “Lots of other students came, and the meeting was fun and easy going. [The club] was a nice way to meet other people and learn about Asian heritage, and the environment was super relaxed and welcoming.”

Asian Heritage Club meets every other Thursday after school in A102, and Lee said that they have several plans for their coming meetings.

“For future meetings, Asian Heritage Club will be full of games, cultural celebrations, and overall fun,” Lee said.