Timberwolves for the Environment


Timberwolves for the Environment

Purpose of the club:

To raise awareness about sustainability, how students can help the environment and the endangerment of the gray wolf.

Who may be interested in joining this club?

Anyone interested in helping out the environment

Club Events:

The club will work on the school gardens, hold donation drives and raise money to adopt a wolf pack.




When- Every Thursday

Where- Room S101 (Doc McPherson)

Quote from the co-president:

“Students should join Timberwolves for the Environment because we are very involved within the school, so we really have the opportunity to help and make a difference. While we are very involved and present at the school, it is a low stress club that does not demand a lot, but is a rewarding experience. So, if you enjoy helping out the environment and like to see the good that comes out of what you’re doing,” senior Willow Knight said. “Join T4E!”
Seniors Hannah Stein and Willow Knight are co-presidents of T4E

Remind101: Text @DrMcP to 81010