CP Turkey Day Traditions

Collyn Burke, Reporter

From a full day of cooking turkey dinners, to racing through Best Buy looking for the greatest deals, Thanksgiving is a time full of fun traditions. Whether it’s the typical, or the unusual, most every family has their own set of unique traditions to celebrate a day of thankfulness and food.
“Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our plentiful blessings,” senior Tim Ou said. “Our traditions reflect our thankfulness.”
While a typical American Thanksgiving usually includes family, food, lots of thanks, and maybe even some midnight shopping, some families have created their own unique traditions that are special in their own way.
“We all go to my grandma’s house,” freshman Carson Burke said. “We eat KFC and tons of desserts from Collin’s bakery.”
While many people are thankful for their unique traditions, many claim they envy the more traditional Thanksgiving traditions.
“I envy how some of my friends get to go black Friday shopping with their moms,” freshman Addison Leavitt said. “My mom won’t let me go with her because that’s when she gets all of our Christmas presents but, I beg her every year.”
Like Leavitt’s friends many people’s family traditions include some black Friday shopping. Whether it’s making big plans, or just running around with friends and family, it’s become a staple for many American families.
“My favorite part about this crazy shopping tradition is the bonding behind it,” senior Maria Tangarova said. “Throughout the night we have hours to talk, it’s like a whole night of catching up.”
No matter what the tradition, or the family, the true meaning of the holiday is never forgotten. Under all the black Friday shopping, food eaten, and memories made and shared, its truely a day for Thankfulness and love.
“We have time to spend with our loved ones and best friends,” Ou said. “It’s a time for reunion and community, especially as we don’t get to meet often.”
So this turkey day, as you stuff your face with a turkey dinner, or maybe even some KFC, as you plan out your black Friday shopping trip, or join your friends and family in a joyful celebration, remember what you’re thankful for, and all you have.
“I am thankful for my family and its health,” Tangarova said. “I realize that without healthiness nothing matters. Health is the most important of all.”
So, what are you thankful for?
“I’m thankful for everything that I have,” Burke said. “I’m most thankful for the amazing friends and family that I have.”