New Year, New You?

The Wolfcast


JP Reuter

People are always looking for fresh starts and the new year is a popular choice to do so. Even with being so, lots of people refuse to participate in this practice.

According to a Twitter poll we ran, only 34% of people made a New Year’s resolution this year. So why are people opting out of this opportunity to try something new?

“I did not make a new year’s resolution because my personal philosophy is just kind of trying to like improve myself every day as opposed to every year type of thing,” student Luke Williamson said. “Which sounds kind of cheesy but- like if I’m trying to be healthy or something I’ll try and be be healthier after I read a book about how to change your diet and be healthy rather than January first.”

But not everybody shares Luke’s viewpoint.

“I made a new year’s resolution because I think that it’s important to set goals for yourself and sometimes when you have it written down it helps you hold yourself to that and you can you back and look and reflect on what your goals were,” student Paris Varnier said. “I think the balance is important but I also think new years is a great opportunity for people to start fresh and really set new goals for themselves throughout the year.”

So ultimately, it’s up to you. How are you going to make 2017 a great year?