Shattered Dreams: What Is It?


Jessica Mick

CPHS News filmed one of their scenes for Shattered Dreams at the Cedar Park Police Station.

Carlie Morgan, Reporter

Tomorrow CPHS’s biannual Shattered Dreams event will take place to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and distracted driving. It is a two-day event, involving a mock crash and video presentation to highlight the potential effects of this tragic combination. For juniors and seniors, this will be their second time encountering the Shattered Dreams presentation and they will be offered a more interactive version than the presentation shown to them their freshman or sophomore year. While all students will view the video presentation produced by broadcast students, only juniors and seniors will be able to view the mock crash.

Throughout the day Thursday, Mar. 9, students who wrote an essay to be a part of the program will be pulled from class every fifteen minutes to represent a life lost to drunk or distracted driving in the same span of time. The students will become the “Living Dead,” taking a vow of silence for the remainder of the day and wearing symbolic face-paint to distinguish them from the other still living students. To complete the experience, an obituary will be read for each Living Dead student as they are pulled from class.

Schedules differ for upper- and underclassmen. Freshmen and sophomores will report to DEN as usual both days, with the broadcast production being shown during DEN on Friday. Seniors and juniors will have their DEN time replaced with the Shattered Dreams events both days. Thursday’s crash scene will be held in the front of the school and Friday’s “funeral” will be held in the PAC.