Students Have Mixed Reaction to New Cedar Park Flag

The Wolfcast

Celeste Ritzheimer, CPHS News Reporter

The City of Cedar Park is getting mixed reaction after recently adopting a new flag and CPHS News spoke to student about their thoughts.

Out of 250 design submissions, Catherine Van Arnam’s was chosen as the very first flag of Cedar Park.  The flag was unveiled in early December and the mixed responses to the flag started not long after.

“It’s really hard to distinguish what everything means on the flag,” Caitlyn Bower, senior, said.

According to NPR reporter Jimmy Maas, a flag is supposed to be simple, with two to three basic colors with no lettering or seals, and it should be distinctive with meaningful symbolism.

But some students feel the flag might be too simple and others are struggling to understand what it means.

“I don’t think I understand what it is, what the x’s are, I don’t get why they are there,” Madison pearce, junior, said. “I don’t understand the meaning of it.”

The city council is holding a public hearing on Thursday to discuss the negative feedback. CPHS News plans to have a reporter at the meeting to find out the future of the flag.