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Essential Oils Can Benefit High School Students, Relieve Stress, Pain


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Essential oils that benefit high school students in many ways, from stress and pain relief, to a calmer mind.

Kieren Garner, Reporter

The world of essential oils holds many benefits, such as relaxation, sleep, pain relief, stress relief—all things that high schoolers struggle with. Being a high school student myself, I have resorted to aromatherapy as a way to help. Here are a few of my favorite oils.

For about five years now, I have struggled with a jaw disease that causes me to have extremely bad migraines, and the stress of school triggers them frequently. From firsthand experience, essential oils have helped reduce my migraines, even the worst ones. Using eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils have been my go-to for headaches, so when allergy season comes around and your head begins to hurt, I recommend some eucalyptus oils. It will help clear up your sinuses and ease the pressure that allergies can cause.

There are different ways to use essential oils. One way is a diffuser, which is where a diffuser disperses the oil into the air, and fills the air around you. Another way to use essential oils would be using a roll on bottle to massage the oil onto your skin. Using these oils in your bath are also a way to put them to a beneficial use.

According to Medical News Today, peppermint oil helps with migraines and headaches due to the fact that it has menthol in it, which eases pain. It also helps with relieving stress headaches when it is applied topically. To do this, all you do is apply the oil onto your temples.

High school can keep us up at night, whether it’s homework, stress or just the thought of going back the next day. If you are having trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep, lavender essential oil will be your savior. The calming scent increases slow wave sleep, which helps your whole body relax. Its soothing qualities are a surefire way to help you with all of your sleeping problems.

With all of the obstacles life throws at us, we are bound to get anxious sometimes. Whether you are diagnosed or not, bergamot oil is the way to turn when anxious. This scent is one of my favorites, if not my favorite. Almost every day after school, I use this specific oil to relax myself and ease my anxiety. Bergamot has a citrusy scent, and when I use it, it feels like my anxiety slowly melts away until I am finally calm again. According to monqbergamot genuinely helps relieve anxiety as well as improve your mood.

Essential oils can help with so many inner obstacles you may be facing. Whether it’s sleep, anxiety, or headaches, essential oils are an easy relief.