Amanda Hatheway Senior Column

Amanda Hathaway

Senior Year Bucket List

Pass calculus

Have a job

Skip a class

Go to the 360 Overlook

Make All-State

Learn how to be profound

Take senior pictures

Buy a lotto ticket

Have an off period

Go to every football game

Get past Dana and park in the wrong parking lot

Eat at Chuy’s

Go downtown

Go to the lake

Watch the musical

Find a prom date

Walk across the graduation stage


     As you can see from my list, I’m not quite done with my goals for senior year yet, but I am well on my way to crossing everything off.  It seems that every high school movie I’ve ever seen focuses more on moments like these than classes. This is most likely because these are the moments I will remember ten, twenty, and even thirty years after I graduate.  My adventures with my friends throughout my four years of high school are priceless memories.  And as much as I will appreciate how well-prepared I am for college next year, it is the discussions in English, my 6th period Calculus class’s shenanigans, and the performances I had with the band that I will remember when I think of my senior year in high school.

     Throughout this year, I have counted down the days I have left at Cedar Park.  With every “last adventure” I was one step closer to my last day in high school.  But as my last football game, last Winter Break, last midterm and last TAKS week have come and gone, I have been struck with how quickly my last last is approaching.  In just 46 days at the time I write this, I will have my last last day of school.  It’s been a good four years, CPHS!  As you go on to bigger and brighter things, remember all the good times you had with us at good ol’ Cedar Park High School.