Arctic Monkeys bring chills to Cedar Park


Emilee Guernsey

Some of the more popular songs that the Arctic Monkeys are known for are “Do I Wanna Know” and “R U Mine?”

Emilee Guernsey, Reporter

The Arctic Monkeys brought some coolness to Texas. They performed on Oct. 28 at the Cedar Park Center. Many people were lined up two hours before the concert even started just so they could get right at the front of the stage. When the doors were finally opened it was chaotic. Girls were squealing left and right.

While waiting, there was music playing to help the time go by faster. Eventually the lights went off and the only sounds were cheers and screams of fans. Unfortunately, it was only Mini Mansions, the opening band, that began to perform. The alternative music they played wasn’t very original. It was as if they mixed together The Beetles and The Arctic Monkey’s.

Many fans grew anxious in the wait for The Arctic Monkeys to appear on stage. The opening band played for a full hour. Just as everyone began to become impatient Alex Turner, the lead singer for Arctic Monkeys, sang a song with the opening band to get the crowd riled up again. Turner left just as quickly as he entered. There was yet again a 45 minute wait for the technicians to arrange everything correctly on the stage. They should have had everything set up before the concert even began.

Finally the lights went off once more and The Arctic Monkeys members walked up on stage, thrilling the audience. An amplifying beat began to play and the whole crowd screamed. The Arctic Monkeys performed one of their biggest hits, “Do I Wanna Know.” Turner’s voice was excellent.

The band performed songs from all of their albums. Of course, the most recent songs got the most cheering. No one wanted the concert to end.

The light show that was playing in sync with the band was exhilarating. You could see and feel all of the beats. The long wait for the band was worth it because the performance blew everyone away.

When Turner sang the last song, the screaming of all the fans made you feel as if you were going deaf. No one wanted the concert to end there. Everyone began to chant “encore” and the band prevailed. The Arctic Monkeys came out and sang three more songs before wrapping up the whole concert.

Overall, the concert was an amazing experience, and the band really knows how to get their fans pumped up.