Barbie, the worst role model for children

Macy Loyd

Barbie is ‘perfect’ in some people’s words, but in mine, she’s disgusting. She is the exact opposite of what we want our children to think of modeling after. She would be considered too skinny by classification of almost anyone.

Her eyes are bigger than her mouth; her legs are twice as long as her body; her arms barely reach the bottom of her torso; her entire body is just un-proportional. It has been said that if she was a real person, she would have to walk on all fours because the size of her hips couldn’t possibly be supported with the size of her feet.

Barbie is just an all-around bad person to want to be like. If you want to make your child insecure about their weight and the size of their hips, then by all means, buy them as many Barbie’s as you can. You might as well tell them that they would look better if they had a better figure. Or buy them clothes that are too small for them so they can feel insecure about their size.

Parents don’t realize that children don’t just think of Barbie as a toy. They think that Barbie is this amazing girl that can do and go anywhere she wants. She is the perfect person in their mind, and it needs to stop.

Buy your kids an American Girl doll instead. These dolls are ideal for a child needing a role model. American Girl dolls are not only naturally proportional, but they are also normal. They look like actual people. Yes, their skin is flawless and plastic, but they are as realistic as a doll can get. They are seen as girls that express their opinions and embrace their original personality. This is the only doll children should look up to.