The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

In the weight room, Coach K directs her basketball athletes as they get a lift in during their athletic period. According to Coach K, she hopes to not only continue the success of the program but also make them better players and people. “I feel like one of my biggest roles is to be a mentor and a person they can look up to,” Coach K said. “Someone who will be there for them long after they’re gone from the program.”
Born to Ball
Penny Moreno, Reporter • September 20, 2023

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Handing a towel to a coach, freshman Norah Goett  fulfills her duties as an athletic trainer at the JV game against Vandegrift on August 31. As a part of being a student trainer, Goett is required to go to every football practice and game. I enjoy the fun of helping people,” Goett said. “Being able to go to the games and be on the field and have that experience is really cool.”
Photo by Alyssa Fox
The Anatomy of Sports Medicine
Jane Yermakov, Reporter • September 19, 2023

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“Barbie” was released July 21 in theaters, accumulating $155 million over opening weekend. What looks to be a happy introduction with the pink Warner Bros. logo, it soon turns into a movie discussing the serious topic of feminism. “I didn’t realize that it was going to be as in-depth as it was,” biology teacher Adam Babich said. “I thought it was just a fun, campy movie and when I went and saw it I just instantly fell in love.”

Photo by Caroline Howard
I'm a Barbie Girl, In a Non-Barbie World
Caroline Howard, Reporter • September 18, 2023

The lights dim...

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Starting the early morning practice, new swim and dive coach Kyla Gargiulo informs her student-athletes of their next set, giving them tips to help along the way. Gargiulo looks forward to keeping the swim team competitive and improving throughout the year. “The thing I love most about coaching is getting to be a part of the sport that I fell in love with,” Gargiulo said. “[I also love getting to] help the current team achieve and surpass their goals while having fun.”  Photo by Kaydence Wilkinson
Rookies of the Year
Kaydence Wilkinson, Reporter • September 15, 2023

Volleyball, basketball,...

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Leaning back on her right, varsity tennis member junior Mia Petty prepares to receive the ball with the traditional racket swing. For student athletes, the heat has caused many changes to previously created habits involved in sport practices, but it can also be a tool, according to Petty. The heat is definitely annoying, Petty said. There are so many things that you have to do to avoid exhaustion and it feels excessive at times. [However], I think the heat further encourages me to get outside. [I want to] be exposed to the heat as much as possible so I can better acclimate to being hot and tired.
A Love-Heat Relationship With Texas
Kassidy Wilkinson, Reporter • September 14, 2023

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Holding up the Timberwolf hand sign after performing Metal Shop at halftime, seniors Austin Waldbusser and Connor Daly pose with sophomore Andrew McCarthy.The three band members spent their summer with Dum Corps International, a non-profit that is known to be the highest level of marching band available. “One [of the reasons for joining] just watching [DCI Corps] shows and being kind of a band nerd about it in general was cool and being like ‘I want to do that’,” Daly said. “Then, one of the now alumni, went to march in the corp of The Phantom Regiment last year, and I was like well ‘I can do it, someone else I know can do it, may as well try it.’”
A Summer of Passion and Excellence
Alyssa Fox, Reporter • September 12, 2023

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Fall/Winter fashion report

This Fall/Winter 2013 is a hot season in the fashion industry. Many colors from last season are still in style as well as some accessories and clothing items. If you keep up with the newest trends, this is a good thing for you because you can save some money by putting those Tory Burch riding boots you bought last year to use one last time. This is a good idea for most of you, especially since you are probably saving up for the newest pair of Kendra Scott earrings. Although most of you dress pretty decent, there are some things that should be addressed for this fall season, so here are some Fall/Winter 2013 fashion Do’s and Dont’s:



  • UGG boots and Nike shorts, or any shorts for that matter
  • See through leggings- make sure your leggings are thick enough for the sake of everyone else’s eyes please
  • Leaving the house unprepared- have a jacket and/or a scarf to keep warm
  • Crop tops- it’s winter, not summer

Do’s :

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  • Scarves- they add a bit of pop to an outfit
  • Layering- this is a good idea when you want to dress simple yet cute
  • Socks, high or low. Both can be worn with boots or shoes such as Vans or Keds
  • Tights with skirts and boots
  • Riding boots
  • Big cardigans
  • Beanies and a simple outfit for a lazy day
  • Senior Sara Knight keeps up with the fashion trend with knee-high socks and riding boots. Photo by Bianca Jimenez.
Senior Carli Morgan goes with a simple look of jeans and long sleeved striped shirt to match the casual feel of the rainy weather. Photo by Bianca Jimenez
Sophomore Bella Saenz wears a long sleeve black shirt to follow the fall trend, but also keeps up with the Texas weather by wearing open-toed sandals. Photo by Bianca Jimenez

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About the Contributor
Bianca Jimenez, Writer
Senior Bianca Jimenez is a first year writer for the CPHS Wolfpack. She took her first journalism class freshman year, a photojournalism class her sophomore year and a creative writing class her junior year. Bianca enjoys writing, fashion, sports, photography, and she also models in her free time. Bianca plans on majoring in graphic design in college, and she plans on applying to a fashion school in California and Texas State. She is very artsy, and enjoys meeting new people.

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School
Fall/Winter fashion report