Fall/Winter fashion report

Bianca Jimenez

This Fall/Winter 2013 is a hot season in the fashion industry. Many colors from last season are still in style as well as some accessories and clothing items. If you keep up with the newest trends, this is a good thing for you because you can save some money by putting those Tory Burch riding boots you bought last year to use one last time. This is a good idea for most of you, especially since you are probably saving up for the newest pair of Kendra Scott earrings. Although most of you dress pretty decent, there are some things that should be addressed for this fall season, so here are some Fall/Winter 2013 fashion Do’s and Dont’s:



  • UGG boots and Nike shorts, or any shorts for that matter
  • See through leggings- make sure your leggings are thick enough for the sake of everyone else’s eyes please
  • Leaving the house unprepared- have a jacket and/or a scarf to keep warm
  • Crop tops- it’s winter, not summer

Do’s :

  • Scarves- they add a bit of pop to an outfit
  • Layering- this is a good idea when you want to dress simple yet cute
  • Socks, high or low. Both can be worn with boots or shoes such as Vans or Keds
  • Tights with skirts and boots
  • Riding boots
  • Big cardigans
  • Beanies and a simple outfit for a lazy day
  • Senior Sara Knight keeps up with the fashion trend with knee-high socks and riding boots. Photo by Bianca Jimenez.
Senior Carli Morgan goes with a simple look of jeans and long sleeved striped shirt to match the casual feel of the rainy weather. Photo by Bianca Jimenez
Sophomore Bella Saenz wears a long sleeve black shirt to follow the fall trend, but also keeps up with the Texas weather by wearing open-toed sandals. Photo by Bianca Jimenez