Gift Giving Guide

Hunter-Rose Comtois, reporter

It’s that time of the year again where the seemingly harmless family gatherings can turn into madhouse disasters. This gift guide will not only get you through the holidays, but will perhaps help you become the favorite relative in your family.

Outdoors and More:
Have a family member from the north east? No worries. Get them scarves, mittens, coats and snow boots. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like protecting your loved ones from frost bite.

The Artist:
Know a photo fanatic? A really nice film camera is the Diana f+ . It’s located on the Lomography Shop online. Fuji film provides the best color for the photos.

Indoor’s Galore:
For that lazy sister of yours, get her a onesie. Preferably animal print of some kind or a superhero. They’re all the rage. She can be fashionable and comfy all at once.

Gamers’ Delight:
We all have that friend who is constantly playing a videogame. All gamers had to say was that video games weren’t up to par this year so your best bet is to just buy them “Far Cry 4”. You and your friend will be okay.

Mission Competition:
That obsessed-with-sports uncle of yours can never have enough kicks. To really catch his attention, get the LeBron 12s. They are new and popular along with style.