Haunting House of Torment back for its 13th season


Kristen Kelly

Kristen Kelly performs a move called the bone break while working as a zombie nurse at The House of Torment. “My favorite part was getting in costume and makeup each night,” Kelly said. “The makeup artists always wanted to try something different, so we rarely looked the same night to night.”

Collyn Burke, Reporter

Looking for something fun to do this Halloween? Austin’s famed haunted house, House of Torment has returned for its 13th season for more thrills, scares, and good times. After all what could be more Halloween-esq than having dozens of monsters chase you around?

“Running around in the dark with scary guys popping out was really terrifying and fun,” Senior Jordan Teliha said. “I don’t usually get freaked out in haunted houses, but by the end I was screaming my head off.”

The house, or rather houses change in theme and scream each year, this year’s consist of the Dead End District, Hex of Harvest, and The Laughterhouse. The three part attraction has gotten the attention of Discovery Channel, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and the Travel Channel.

“The detail that they put into the attraction is incredible,” senior Kike Esparza said. “Walking through the house you never know what is coming next because it is all dark.”

Not only do you get to see three houses full of monsters, but if you go with a group you get to see the crazy reactions The House of Torment brings out in them.

“I apparently get weirdly polite when I’m scared,” junior Cindy Orr said. “Every time someone would scare me, I’d say something like ‘excuse me’ to them. Once this guy whispered in my ear “I’m gonna slice your throat.” My response? ‘Oh-h… Thank you…’”

Some students, such as Kristen Kelly got the opportunity to go behind the scenes and work at The House of Torment.

“House of Torment was probably one of the coolest first jobs someone can have,” senior Kristen Kelly said. “The experience was very fun and every single night was different, so I never knew what I was getting into when the house opened each night.”

With a behind the scenes look at how the houses work, one has to wonder what it’s like to know the people behind all those scary masks and ghoulish outfits.

“Most people stay in character the entire night and never return to their normal posture or voice until the house closes, but we all still have fun”, Kelly said. “During breaks all of the monsters stay in character, but still crack jokes and talk about life with one another.”

From twisted pumpkin men, to clowns with chainsaws, The House of Torment promises not to disappoint.

Interested in going? The house is located on 523 E Highland Mall Blvd. Tickets are sold online and can be bought in singles, or group amounts. The house is open from Sept. 18- Nov. 7th with special blackout events Nov. 13-14, the house will also open for Valentine’s day, sure to satisfy all your thrill and chill needs.