Here fishy fishy

Meital Abraham, Reporter

As freshmen wander through campus attempting to learn the various routes to classes, their eyes search eagerly for the east and west signs and they scour the different lunch lines. High school is a different experience for everyone, for some it comes easy and for others it doesn’t. Below are a few tips on hallway etiquette that might help make freshman year a bit less painful.  

  • Don’t yell in the hallway. It’s evident that the hallways are loud with students piling in and out of classes, there’s no need to add to the post-class chaos.
  • It is unnecessary to travel in groups. After the bell rings and everyone is scattering to reach their classes on time, it is nearly impossible to make it when there is a group of people blocking the hallway.
  • Don’t block the entrance to the stairwell. Between periods, there are many people ascending and descending the staircases, when the entrances and exits are blocked getting to class on time is an improbable goal.
  • There is no need to run from class to class. Your teachers will understand if you are a couple minutes late, they realize you’re adapting to high school. If you’re lost and unsure of your location, the west wing is near the water tower.
  • Put your phone away as you’re travelling from place to place. Everyone is hustling to get somewhere, when you’re walking slowly and looking down at your phone oblivious to all that is occurring around you, it can get very frustrating. It is known that the business on your phone is extremely important, but you can survive the five minute passing period without your phone.

With this helpful advice in mind, your freshman year will go by smoothly and without any upper classmen drama that may have occurred prior to you reading these tips. Have a nice year, and just keep swimming.