I’m dreaming of a Starbucks Christmas (O, come all ye coffee addicts)

Paige Parks

As winter brings forth a variety of oversized sweaters, ugg boots and leggings, one crucial element of the winter time months cannot be forgotten. Starbucks. Oh yes, Starbucks. For most high school students Starbucks most definitely means a late night cramming session for a math test you have yet to study for, but is better associated with frosty noses and chilly winds.

The ushering of the holiday coffees at Starbucks is so widely celebrated, that it might as well be its own marked holiday. Every stereotypical coffee addict has their calendars marked for the day that the adored pumpkin spice latte hits stores.

With the holidays and chilly season quick approaching, coffees are a necessity to surviving those cold winter mornings when motivation, or energy, is lacking.

These Starbucks concoctions are sure to put some pep in your step, and a little caffeine in your system:

Soy Chai Tea Latte, no water, or better known as ‘Christmas in a cup’, has the full flavor of chai tea with a hint of cinnamon. The lack of water brings the flavor to its full strength, making for a more delicious winter time favorite.

Pumpkin Spice Latte is probably the most well-known holiday drink on the Starbucks menu, and for good reason. This drink is the king of all things pumpkin flavored, and when paired with a slice of Starbucks’ pumpkin bread it makes for an even more delightful breakfast meal.

Chocolate Chai Tea Latte is a new addition to the Starbucks menu. A step up from the originl chai tea latte, this drink adds a dose of chocolate making for a sweeter outcome. For days when you crave a hot chocolate, but need an extra kick, this coffee is the way to go.

Gingerbread Latte embraces one of the most endeared holiday flavors, and also one of the most controversial drink choices. You either love it, or hate it. For the gingerbread lovers, this is just the drink for you.