Just one shoe can make a difference

Mercedes Ordenez

     It’s the end of the school year and most students are reminiscing about the good times that have passed and looking forward to the changes next year will bring. Whether you are a senior or a sophomore you’re most likely cleaning out your closet. Instead of throwing those shoes that are so last season away, why not donate them?

     All across the world, there are people living in extreme poverty who can’t afford even the most basic necessities, especially shoes. I know many students participated, or at least tried to, in the TOMS sponsored event A Day Without Shoes to show compassion for those living in this situation. And while this did show that students of CPHS do know the effects of what’s going on, I think we can do so much more by directly helping those in need. In comparison to many poverty stricken places, most of us are fortunate enough to have more than enough clothes and shoes. We sometimes overlook how lucky we are to have these things, but we can give back by donating what we don’t need.

     Soles for Souls is an organization that allows you to donate gently used shoes at local businesses or by sending them in to their warehouse. They take these shoes and deliver them to people in need. They have currently dropped shoes in over 175 countries and are now delivering shoes to Tennessee to aid those affected by the floods. You can donate your shoes, but if you’ve already cleaned out your closet you can also make monetary donations ($1 can provide a pair of shoes to a person in need). There is a Soles for Souls drop box at Total Relief Footwear located off North 183.

      Whether it’s the effects of global warming or simply just a strange weather year, it seems like the amount of natural disasters this year is ever-increasing leaving more and more people without shoes and other basic necessities. While the weather may be hard to control, we can direct our response to the problems that arise. Instead of letting children become infected with completely preventable diseases, we can sacrifice something of our own and help those around us.

     Donating shoes is only a small step in doing our part in the world. President Calvin Coolidge once stated that “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” So as one of my final messages to the student body of Cedar Park High School, I’d like to encourage everyone to consider giving back to their community. Even if you don’t have enough extra clothes or money to donate, you can always donate your time, which may be the most personal way to see the effects of good deeds.