Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

The Wolfpack Staff Members Share Their Opinion on Restaurant Guaco Taco

Wolfpack Staff, Reporters

Guac is typically extra, however at Cedar Park’s newest Taco place, Guaco Taco, it comes with the meal. Not only do they offer a range of tacos, but also salad, enchiladas, queso, gumbo and more. After hearing about this gluten-free fast food restaurant, the Wolfpack Wanderers decided to check it out for themselves.

This is what we think, along with a rating of avocados out of 10:


I really enjoyed Guaco Taco because the food, especially the guacamole, was extremely fresh. I got the chopped chicken taco, which I didn’t know it would only come with one taco, but still it was really great. The queso was a white cheese rather than orange and that was a unique quality, it reminded me of Torchy’s Tacos. The place itself was comforting but small at the same time. I gave the place an eight out of ten, mainly because it made a first impression on me since I have never been their before. I definitely suggest going to Guaco Taco to hang out with you friends.  



I think that Guaco Taco is a great place to go and hang out with friends and get food, mainly because it’s never super crowded and also because the food it pretty good. I went here when it first opened, and this was my first time coming back since then. This time I ordered the nachos with beef, and it was really good. My favorite thing there was the queso because it didn’t taste fake or anything like that. The only thing is, I didn’t think that there was anything that made the place stand out from the other taco restaurants in the Austin area. I bet if I liked guacamole I might think that was the best thing there, but with that said, I do think that it is a great local spot to get some tacos and hang out with friends. With that in mind, I give it a 7 out of 10.



I liked Guaco Taco. The service was good, as well as the food. It is a nice, small and local place to hang out with your friends. Apparently the food is gluten free, which is why it tasted different, but for a gluten free taco, it was great! However the tacos were pretty small and it was only one… I also ordered the Taco Salad which was good, I loved how they prepared it, but it came with sour cream and I would much prefer it came with some Ranch. The sour cream was not enough and was too dry for my taste. Perry ordered some queso which was really good. I loved how it was white cheese instead of like yellow cheese. The presentation could definitely improve, but I’m not concerned too much about that since I’m not planning to eat it whole. The environment was nice and the bathrooms were clean. Overall, I give Guaco Taco 8 avocados (or “Guacs” as named by Deana) out of 10.



I don’t normally go to taco places, in fact, I’ve never stepped foot inside a Taco Bell (or what my mom calls Taco Bowel). A higher quality joint called “Guaco Taco” waits just minutes away in the strip mall behind Dunkin’ Donuts and naturally, as a Wolfpack Wanderer, I had to check it out. They offer a large flat-screen worth of menu options including tacos, chips and salsa/queso, salad and sides.

Here’s the rundown:

I’m vegetarian, meaning I have to spend a bit more time finding something I can eat on the menu. Most of their items included meat and I could only find one single taco that was labeled as vegetarian. My taco was about $2.50, which I think is a very good price for a taco.

Apart from the food, the place had an odd vibe, sort of like how people act when rent is due next week and you’ve only sold five tacos this week. I understand that sometimes you just got to meet a taco quota, but I felt like I was being treated extra nice to make sure I’d come back.

The tacos weren’t overwhelmingly good and I’d compare them to any taco you could make at home. To make up for this, everything on the menu was made gluten-free. I know that not many businesses go 100% gluten-free and I imagine that it is difficult to feel comfortable going out to eat for those with gluten allergies. For this, I respect them. However I think the lack of gluten made the tacos more prone to falling apart, which is never much fun.

The queso was by far the best part of the experience. Along with the queso, they gave us a big pile of chips which were much higher quality than normal chips. It would have all been cool and good, until the chips decided to injure me. Not once, but three times did these chips decide to inflict pain on me. Twice the chips cut my mouth and another time the chip crumbs got in my eye, making for a very traumatic experience.

Overall I’d give 6.5 guacs.


This was my first ever time to Guaco Taco, but prior to the visit, I had heard many great things about this taco restaurant from pretty much everyone that I knew that had been. Due to this, my expectations coming into Guaco Taco were very high.

One major thing to point out about this restaurant is that everything there is 100% gluten-free, and that can be a high or low point for you depending on how you look at it. For me, I’m not a huge fan of gluten-free food mainly because the supplements used in place of gluten to hold the taco shells together do not work as well, making for a very crumbly taco with half of the taco ending up on the bottom of the plate. One other negative about Guaco was the very small portions for every taco. In order to make a meal out of your visit to Guaco Taco you are forced to order multiple things because each item you buy only comes with one taco. This had me leaving the restaurant with a half-empty stomach, not satisfied at all.

Other than these things, the overall experience at Guaco was a very good one with fast service, great queso and very yummy tacos. The white queso I ordered ended up easily being the highlight of the trip to Guaco but “The Cure” taco I also ordered was very delicious as well.

Overall I give the experience at Guaco Taco a six and a half out of ten avocados due to great service and tasty food, but very crumbly tacos and small portions.