Mary Gillis Senior Column

Mary Gillis

     These past years have been quite the adventure. I’ve learned a lot, but as important as trig functions, thesis statements (by the way Ms. Iskra, this is my thesis), and economic issues are, they’re not what I’ll look back on and remember. In thirty years, I know I’ll look back on my experience and remember just that, the experience.

     I’ll always remember freshman year, when I played volleyball and was absolutely stoked that I made B team (I thought there was a C and D team as well). I’ll remember when I walked into the cafeteria for the first time and slipped in a puddle of red Gatorade in front of the senior table.

     I’ll always remember sophomore year when I decided to become a part of student council. I’ll remember trying my hardest in volleyball and slowly realizing what I’m good at. I’ll remember what it’s like to start a club. I’ll remember Mr. Doyle’s fun, crazy class, with all the allusion quizzes and how he taught me to spell sophomore.

     I’ll always remember junior year with Ms. Rose’s class and how I learned so much. I’ll remember Physics class and the struggle it was for me to get through. I’ll remember becoming a part of newspaper. I’ll remember joining the bowling team. I’ll remember the Speak Easy I had in Coach Child’s class. I’ll remember when I learned to fish. I’ll remember that summer when I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning as much as possible to go to the lake. I’ll remember how I never caught a thing.

     I’ll always remember senior year. I’ll remember how I continued to ride my bike to school regardless of the fact that I had a license. I’ll remember falling asleep in Ms. McShane’s class and getting yelled at continuously. I’ll remember becoming a leader in newspaper. I’ll remember getting my first off period. I’ll remember when someone wrote a rap about me and sang it to my Economics class. I’ll remember country dancing on Friday nights; I’ll remember staying out past midnight. I’ll remember lacrosse and the friends I made through it. I’ll remember making adult decisions and I’ll remember how I stuck with them.

     I’ll remember a lot of things, I’ll never regret anything and I’ll always keep looking ahead. University of Georgia, here I come.