Natalie Herzig Senior Column

Natalie Herzig

     As I enter my freshman year as a theatre student at NYU, I realize that my resumé was an important part of my admission decision. My resumé stated my credentials as an actress, what plays I had done, what roles I played and what skills I learned along the way. If I had a resumé for all the skills I learned in high school, it might look something like this:

      Natalie Herzig, age 18: height: 5’ 9”, eyes: blue. Has the ability to study for a test and immediately forget the information afterwards, can be an optimist in even the worst of situations, is a sucker for burrito week, is known for being obsessed with her favorite teachers, can receive the best of advice from her parents and completely ignore it, has learned to look before she leaps, has the ability to be in 15 clubs and still find a way to sleep, can mediate the angriest of friends, can be completely devoted to her fads for the entire 15 minutes they last (i.e. yoyo-ing, Buddhism, roller skating, sewing, Mario Party 3), has learned not to spread herself too thin, can get to school on time in even the latest of mornings,  can drive and eat a full meal at the same time, can drive and study for a test at the same time, can drive and get dressed at the same time (just kidding), can, at any moment, embarrass herself, can walk into a room with confidence, can effectively use puff paint, can analyze rhetoric,  can calculate velocity, can debrief anyone on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, has learned never to be the late student—to be the late student who brought doughnuts, can save her money, can blow all her money on one thing, can read (and understand) a classic novel in one day’s time, can pretend she wore mismatched shoes on purpose, and face the challenges of college with a lamenting smile.

     No matter what is on my college resumé now, these are the skills that will mean most to me in my future. Despite what you may have heard, high school is not just the time to build your college resumé, it is the time to grow and learn about yourself and about life. I would like to say thank you for everyone who helped me acquire the skills that really matter.