Prepping for the PSAT

Paige Parks

PSAT. Just the name of this unavoidable test can send shivers down the spines of freshman, sophomores and juniors alike. This test, one of the many standardized tests that the state has thrown our way, is a preparatory test for the much longer SAT, which can determine college acceptance. This test is most crucial for juniors because they can qualify for scholarships based on their scores.

Though the PSAT scores are not often looked at by colleges, it is great practice for the SAT and features the same style of questions that are on the SAT.

Everyone can agree that taking tests are a pain. Possibly the worst part is the morning of the test. You wake up with a dark cloud looming over you, following you as you drag yourself out of bed. You know the inevitable test is awaiting you at school, but you have no urgency to get there. It is because of this repetitive ‘morning slump’ that I have decided to write some tips of my own to prepare you for the test.

1. Get a good night’s sleep.

We all love to sleep, right? So retire a little early from your Netflix marathon or algebra homework and catch some Z’s. You may not think so, but it will most definitely affect your alertness when taking the test.

2. Have a good breakfast.

Make your own drool-inducing food masterpiece or drive through Whataburger, it doesn’t matter. Eat what will hold you over until the end of the test and enable your ability to focus for a lengthy period of time.

3. Calm down.

Chances are, your teachers have been prepping you for this test for a while now, and you shouldn’t be worried about the outcome. Slow down and prepare to focus on one question at a time.

4. Talk with some friends.

To ease the pitiful feelings of doom, have a chat with some friends. They are probably just as nervous to be taking the test as you are. Have a chat and joke around a little. It will put you in a good mood and get your mind off the test.

5. Have a positive attitude.

The most important thing to remember while preparing to take the test is to be positive. Yes, sitting in one place and staring at a booklet full of grueling questions is not the most fun thing in the world, but it must be done. Have all your test-taking strategies in the back of your mind and answer the questions to the best of your ability.