Review: Justin Timberlake is visionary

Savannah Burchfiel

Justin Timberlake has proved his visionary musical prowess once again, this time with his third solo album “The 20/20 Experience.”

Timberlake has an impeccable ability to be the one the girls want and the one the boys want to be. However, with his latest album, he is anything but his original boy-band self. While maintaining his original charm and class, he has transformed himself into an irresistible icon.

The lead single “Suit and Tie” epitomizes both Timberlake’s music and presence. All timeless Timberlake tracks have a black and white formula including suave lyrics, classic high notes and a celebrity feature. This song entertains all of the elements while representing Timberlake himself looking quite dapper in a well-tailored suit and bowtie.

The rest of the album delivers the same unmistakable Timberlake sound. His signature falsetto shines through, layered with experimental beats and different musical elements. It is anything but a contemporary pop album, as it incorporates diverse genres in the mix. Now secure in his music, personal and acting careers, Timberlake has the freedom and security to experiment more with sounds and styles.

Whether through spontaneous appearances or well-planned publicity, Timberlake always seems to situate himself at the forefront of everyone’s minds. As the final headliner of the South by Southwest music festival this spring, Timberlake maintained his position in music’s social scene. When he embarks on his “Legends of the Summer” tour with Jay-Z beginning in July, he’s guaranteed exponential publicity. His recipe for success includes keeping himself relevant yet timeless.

Even long after the songs are overplayed on the radio and fans become jaded, his music will doubtlessly remain prevalent. It’s still acceptable to blast tracks from 2002’s “Justified” and sing every word. We’ve seen Timberlake evolve from his young 20-something boyish self into a timeless icon of music. Timberlake has created a legacy.