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Why we Need to be Kind on Social Media


Graphic by Estefani Rios. Icons by Freepik and Surang on Flaticon

Social media has become an essential tool for students to express their opinions and spread awareness about certain issues. As of today, it is the main source of current information for a majority of the students. While this is a benefit to the student population, it is also important to be kind on social media and respect the opinions of others, especially at this time.

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

Ever since the rise of COVID-19 and social issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, students have taken to social media to effectively share their ideas and opinions regarding the status quo. 

I have seen that a lot of people are condemning others on social media and accusing them of things that they are not guilty of. It is best not to do that because this is only adding to the emotional buildup people are facing already due to the rising number of COVID cases. Being accused of false things is the last thing anyone wants.

Therefore, due to our dire situation, kindness is of the essence here. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This rule is more important now than ever. People want a safe and positive environment to thrive in, and for many people, social media is this environment. They want a place where they can be themselves and be inspired, not put down publicly. 

One of the ways to be kind is to respect others and their opinion. During these times especially, many people have varied opinions on the situations presented. Of course, the difference in these opinions may cause a clash among people, but it is important to remain professional about these disagreements. More importantly, controlling your emotions is very important. I understand the emotional unrest we feel at this moment, but keeping your emotions at bay is helpful; not only will people take you more seriously, but they will respect your opinion as well. Be sure to think before you post something. A good thing to try is to wait 24 hours before posting something driven by emotions. This will give time to think about what to say and the potential consequences of it. 

Another way to be kind is to look at all angles of a story. Trust me, there is a lot more to a story or person than what is presented. Looking at all perspectives will prevent any miscommunications, and therefore, prevent unnecessary conflict. 

“Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.” This is a quote from a well-known book “Just Mercy”, by Bryan Stevenson. It asserts that there is so much more to a person than what is presented, and this is very applicable to the situation people are in: A pandemic as well as social issues. 

If there is anything on social media that can affect someone in a negative manner, be sure to report it. This can ensure a safer community on social media. A good way to report harmful content is through the platform itself. A lot of social media platforms have strict guidelines and have the authority to remove a post if it violates any of those said guidelines. For example, on Instagram, you can report abuse on their Abuse and Spam page

It is also important to note that cyberbullying can be a legal issue as well. Filing a police report on cyberbullying is also an effective way to combat cyberbullying. Texas has several laws against cyberbullying in place.

Despite the general negativity of this year, some students have found ways to spread positivity and kindness. 

Three weeks ago, a student created an account known as @cphs.kindness in order to spread kindness and positivity on Instagram. This student wishes to remain anonymous because they want to inspire others to be kind, and don’t desire praise for their actions. They have made this account to spread positivity and to make up for all the lost opportunities this year. An additional reason is the overflow of hate and negativity in both the physical and virtual community.

Additionally, the student is creating a team to spread positivity and manage the account together. 

The account has already gained recognition by some of the students, with a follower count of 209. The student has expressed happiness at the overall positivity and happiness that their account brings to people. Seeing people read compliments about themselves boosts their own mood. Be sure to check out other accounts that spread kindness on Instagram, such as @cphskindnessclips, @kindness.feed, and