Student body celebrates the life of former faculty member Dana Pharr


Lindsey Buggi

PALS students wave at cars coming into school on Oct. 8 in memory of past faculty member Dana Pharr. “It was a wonderful experience to be able to give the student body and faculty one last memory of Dana,” senior Karly Quinn said. “I think everyone appreciated it and took something away from it.”

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

Students and staff mourned again over the loss of another faculty member, parking lot attendant Dana Pharr, who passed away on Oct. 1.

Pharr was known for standing in the student parking lot every morning waving to students coming and going. The simple wave he did every day may have seemed unimportant to some, but for others, such as senior Karly Quinn, it made their day a little bit better.

“I loved Dana’s attitude,” Quinn said. “He never missed a day of work and always had a smile on his face. Not many people are capable of such positivity. It was refreshing and welcoming to see Dana waving in the mornings. It was a great way to kickoff the school day.”

School Resource Officer Alan Gallagher discussed the impact Dana had on CP and the mark he left.

“He cared for the kids of this school and was tough on some of them, but he wanted each of you to learn everything you could while at school and be successful in life,” Gallagher said. “The parking lot has been empty the last month or so, but Dana is there in spirit and watching over the students of Cedar Park High School.”

Quinn believes the impact Pharr had on CP will never be able to be imitated.

“Dana set the standard pretty high for CP faculty in general,” Quinn said. “He brightened the days of many students, myself included, and I think his impact will be difficult to mimic.”

Besides waving at students as they go and monitoring the parking lot, Pharr had interests of his own outside of his job.

“He enjoyed working with wood,” Gallagher said. “He was a master wood turner and made some incredible items from pieces of raw wood. He also enjoyed reading and being in the outdoors fishing.”

Pharr not only enjoyed crafting with wood, but he also enjoyed aiding students and faculty. PALS teacher Jared Lippe liked Pharr’s willingness to help others when it was needed.

“Dana was an incredible man with a big heart for the students and community of Cedar Park,” Lippe said. “He had a friendly spirit and was always willing to lend a listening ear or help out wherever he could.”

Lippe helped put together the memorial for Dana on Oct. 8. with the help of PALS. Students and satff gathered around where Pharr would stand in the mornings and waved at all of the cars coming and going in honor of him. Pharr’s picture and flowers were placed nearby in a parking space as a special memorial for him.

“We were happy to have had the opportunity to show our support and love for a fellow Timberwolf,” Lippe said. “He was one of a kind and will be missed dearly.”