Taking a Break After Break

Here are a Few Steps in the New Year to Clear Your Mind

Deana Trautz, Reporter

2017 has come and gone and many of us are struggling hard to keep our resolutions. Some may want to work out more, while others are devoted to getting to bed by 10 p.m. In this ‘new year, new me’ state of mind, a mental cleanse could come in handy to all of us, especially students.

We go to bed late, wake up early and spent the majority of the day working hard at class work. This cycle keeps going and going, often making it difficult for self reflection.

Here are some steps to a mental cleanse:

  1. Spend a night without social media

Whether this means avoiding it, turning your phone on mute, or fully deleting your apps for a day, this can be a life changing experience. According to Washington Post, teens today average out to spend about nine hours daily on social media. This time could be used taking a walk, cleaning out your backpack (finally) or simply taking a nap. It can be easy to get lost scrolling, eyes glazed over. So, delete those apps, shut those tabs and give your mind a rest from the never-ending media.

  1. Take a walk

Once you have put down that phone, look out a window and take a second to look at the outside world. Better yet, open your door and put yourself in it. Taking a short walk alone, with your dog or with your friend, can help clear your mind and expose you to more than that good ol’ computer screen. Fresh air can sometimes be all you need before settling down to start a dreaded math worksheet.

  1. Take a bath, or better yet, a bubble bath

Some people completely despise baths, saying you just sit in your own wet dirt. Though this is true, baths can be perfect for relaxing before your work. Showers can be rushed, when a good bubble bath gives you time to think, reflect and maybe even doze off.

  1. Clean

Your room, email, backpack, planner… It has probably been a full semester since you have put away time to deep clean some of the things that make a difference in your daily life. Make time every night to put together your room and backpack to make a less stressful environment and lessen the rush in the morning to get out the door. With emails and your phone’s camera roll, they both tend to fill up fast. If you take 10 minutes to delete old pictures, unsubscribe from spam emails and empty them into your trash, both your phone and your mind will feel cleansed.

  1. Journal

There is not a more literal mode of reflection than writing down your feelings in a journal. Even if it is not an emotional journal entry, simply documenting your day can help to sort your thoughts. One of the most satisfying parts of the experience is being able to look back on your past thoughts and experiences.

  1. Sleep 30 minutes earlier

With hours of work in front of you when you get home, sleep can look like more of an impossibility than a destination. Students in their teen years should be getting at least seven to eight hours, which may rarely happen when you get almost that many hours of work to do. It could mean setting an alarm or putting your work away to complete in DEN or in the morning. Adding time to your sleep schedule will bring you more energy for the next day.

It may only take the little things to help you to be successful and raise your spirits for the new year. So entering January, keep these steps in mind and maybe try a few- you may be surprised.