Teachers We Are Thankful For

Wolfpack Staff Expresses Gratitude for Teachers


Photo by of Pro Church Media Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Members of the Newspaper Staff explain why they are grateful for their teachers.

Wolfpack Staff

In the spirit of November, The Wolfpack reporters share teachers they are thankful for. In addition, we encourage you to tell the people you are thankful for how much they mean to you. 

Kieren Garner

“I’m thankful for Mrs. Iskra because she has shown me how to be confident within my own mind and has inspired me to truly think deeply and more complex than ever. She makes me genuinely excited to learn every single class and it’s just the most amazing class ever.” 

Estefani Rios

“I’m thankful for Mrs. Martin because she’s always been very supportive and encouraging. I know that I can always count on her.” 

Addie Dawson

“I’m thankful for Mrs. Durden because she never fails to make class a laugh and always has positive things to say to her students.” 

Lacie Perry

“I’m thankful for Mr. King because he has always been supportive and willing to help me become more confident in what I’m doing.” 

Morgan Kasel

“I’m thankful for Mrs. Kulis because she has helped me become a more confident person and she has encouraged me to continue studying Spanish.” 

Noah Hedges

“I’m thankful for Mr. Montoya because [he] has shown me a lot about not only biology and physics, but also life. He’s an awesome dude and he’s never failed to help me have a good time and get through my tougher days.” 

Justin Ballou

“I’m thankful for Mrs. Burke because she made English fun. The content was hard but she helped us through it and made it understandable.” 

Ava Caldwell

“I’m thankful for Mrs. Campos because she always makes class fun and inviting. She is an amazing Spanish teacher who loves to hang out and laugh with her students.” 

Kaley Johnson

“I’m thankful for Mr. Marsh because he made history interesting and made learning fun. He is also supportive of every student and always wants students to succeed.” 

Isaiah Prophet

“I’m grateful for Mrs. Lopez for taking the time to work with me individually and bringing good vibes into the classroom.” 

Ally JohnPress

“I’m thankful for Mrs. Gray because she always greets her students with humor, especially sarcasm, and puts a smile on my face. She makes even the most boring subjects fun and I actually enjoy learning how to write essays in her class.” 

Emily Mahoney

“I’m thankful for Ms. McCormick for creating a supportive environment and being invested in our goals while giving relevance and life to Latin.” 

Ruchi Sankolli

“[Mrs. Pangilinan] was my math teacher and she is the kindest person I have ever met. She has helped me feel better about my math skills and she cared about me so much. Honestly, she was like a second mother to me because she cared for me so much. I am thankful for her efforts to help me learn math and help me succeed my freshman year.” 

Addy Bates

“I’m thankful for Mrs. Travis because she has always been the most positive and inspiring teacher. From when I had her back in second grade, to now when I see her at school, she always has a smile on her face and makes everyone feel good.”