The cooperate takeover: Valentine’s Day

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter

In the mist of the chilly air, and the pure white snow, couples race and dash to get overpriced, tacky and gaudy presents. Women cry while men nervously smile as they hand over their credit cards hoping to please their other half.  This ladies and gentleman, is Valentine’s Day; otherwise known as the holiday created to purely benefit the rich.

These couples are the ones that are so blinded by capitalism, and entranced by the red and pink hearts. Men scrambling to find the perfect expensive gifts for their lovers while the women moon over the big bears and big diamonds.

V-Day, however, is the long awaited horror created directly for single people. They have to watch the romance movies play on repeat, mocking them, reminding them that they are alone in the world, with no one to hold.

We also can never forget those people in Hollywood. They would never let us forget them. And how could we? We are crippled with the never ending trailers and posters plastered on the walls all screaming out to be the “next Titanic.” The movies lack in plot, dialogue and character development and are usually too cheesy for anyone with good taste.

Then there are people like Robin, from “How I Met Your Mother,” who are so definite against the ideology that is created by Valentines, she and her group of friends’ rebel, hardcore with wearing purple.

If you are more of a logical person with not much of a heart, you can choose Barney’s route, another character on “How I Met Your Mother”: celebrate Desperation Day. The glorious day right before V-Day where anyone that cares about their self-image enough is desperate for a date and any opportunist can take this advantage right into their fingertips and capture a date.

What’s the point of all of this though? The hidden disguise of love and celebrating the people you love most in the world, for one purpose: to benefit the big men in fancy suits.

They sit there behind their big brown desks, and watch as we all scramble and twitch behind their gigantic thumbs that are spread far and wide.

It’s the big corporations that pay thousands of dollars on merchandise, chocolate and diamonds resulting millions of dollars in profit.

We should be able to celebrate our loved ones everyday not submit to the corporate big man hoping to make a few bucks on our ignorance.

Valentine’s Day has one purpose and one purpose only, for the rich men and women that own our world to gain more money to add in their fat bank accounts.