‘Tony and Tina’s Wedding’ Review

Theatre performs first improv play, details on overall success


Photo by Bridget McGirr

Performing on stage, Tony, played by senior Devin Cannon, and Tina, played by senior Emma Vaughn, star in theatre’s first improv production. The show took place this past Saturday and Sunday and was an instant hit.

Ally JohnPress, Reporter

This past weekend I had the enjoyable experience of watching “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” at CPHS. This play was an improv event that allowed for audience interaction while still simulating the experience of a real wedding. The main characters were Tina, played by senior Emma Vaughn, and Tony, played by senior Devin Cannon.

When I arrived at school, I walked in through the cafeteria. My friend and I were greeted by the waiters and waitresses, who then kindly walked us to the sign-in booth. I was then seated on Tina’s side of the gathering. I looked around and noticed the glass doors in the back and the white chairs and podium at the front, where I assumed Tony and Tina were to be married. The setting was a bit informal, but I wasn’t that surprised, as it was a school production.

When the lights finally dimmed and the ceremony began, the bridesmaids and their partners walked down the aisle. The girls wore brightly colored dresses, just obnoxious enough to capture the character’s personalities. When Tina came walking down the path, all the family members ooh’d and ah’d, but also made comedic remarks, which hinted on their background lives and where they grew up.

The ceremony ended with Tina and Tony sharing a kiss, just a small peck, appropriate for the scene, while the bridesmaids burst into screams of happiness and excitement. 

Every single one of the characters lined up and shook hands with everyone who went to see the wedding, really making it feel like you were part of the family.

Vaughn did an excellent job of bringing her character to life. She portrayed her New Jersey origin with humor and delight. 

Cannon also did a delightful job playing Tony. He definitely wasn’t as upfront like Vaughn, but was more laid back at times, like his character was supposed to be. Although, there were definitely a few exceptions, as seen when he got into some arguments and was able to end them immediately with such control and directness. Cannon truly embraced being Tony.

The bridesmaids were absolutely hilarious. They really added the comical factor to the play, with their bubbly characters and slightly dramatic and outgoing personalities. 

Throughout the entire ceremony, you really could tell that these families were from New Jersey. The bridesmaids were actually chewing gum which I found extremely hilarious, it was a detail that helped me connect the characters to their origins. Also, they would make sassy comments throughout the speeches which were especially amusing.  

I think one of my favorite characters would have to be Grandma Nunizo, Tony’s grandmother, played by junior Sydney Solberg. The way she walked, with a little hunch, as well as the extra sparkly dress she was wearing is what instantly made her stand out. The loads of makeup and the way she talked was just an added bonus to her grandma-y feel. I remember, when everyone was on the dance floor, Solberg had to fake a fall onto the floor, and she did it so well that everyone was coming up to her thinking she really had fallen. It was a big moment of excitement for not only the audience but the actors too.

The entertainment was pretty good. There was a band of students, with a piano player as well as singers. The food was delicious honestly. The waiters served everyone and although it could have been more organized, this was understandable as the dining, in general, was unique and had to allow for a learning curve.

Photo by Bridget McGirr
The band that played at ‘Tony and Tina’s Wedding’ included singers, guitarists, and a piano player.

I would never have known this wasn’t a completely scripted play. The interactions with the other characters were professional yet amusing, and the communication with the audience was phenomenal. I remember after the ceremony that I shook hands and hugged the main characters and family, and they acted as if we were really related.

I do think that the scenes could have been a bit more detailed and professional though. I think that the tech could have been improved a bit as well as the organization of people.

Overall, this play was a fantastic production of Tony and Tina’s wedding, including exceptional character representation, great food and a whole lot of fun.