When to drop

Lauren Kriss

It’s that time of year again. You feel like you’re drowning and you are wondering if you will ever see daylight again or if you are doomed to a life of lonely study sessions. You see the light at the end of the tunnel: the four-week drop point.

Should you get out while you still can, or are you just panicking?

Odds are, you are probably just panicked and sleep-deprived. There is a reason the school makes everyone wait four weeks.

But while you’re waiting, here are some things to consider if you really are worried about your schedule.


If you aren’t willing to do the work:

Be honest with yourself, if you really aren’t motivated then you might as well quit now before your grade average takes a serious dip. No one’s judging. Homework packed weekends and test anxiety aren’t for everyone. Just remember, advanced classes always look good to colleges.


If you want to socialize with your friends every night:

Having multiple advanced classes and trying to hangout Monday through Friday isn’t realistic. Pre-AP and AP students have to buckle down Monday through Thursday. If you are really serious about school, save your partying for the weekend. I know, the struggle.


If you’re an upperclassmen:

All students should be focused on getting ready for college, but juniors and seniors should be especially. In two years or less, college will be a reality. Might as well condition yourself.


If you aren’t sleeping:

I hate to break it to you, but your body can’t run on coffee alone. If you can’t find time to sleep, you really need to consider dropping a class or finding a more efficient way to handle your homework. Do you really want to zombie around all year?