2021 Senior Superlative Winners

Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief

Best Dressed Male

Josh Bretz

“Didn’t really try and win it, but I guess it’s nice to know my classmates think I have good style.”

Breland Mungia











Best Dressed Female

Blake Walker

“It’s pretty cool being able to be noticed for something I love to express like my fashion sense. I enjoy inspiring others in this aspect so hearing that my peers chose me feels good. “

Courtesy of Blake Walker











Most Talented Male

Aidan Brown

“Thanks guys, this is cool!”












Most Talented Female & Most Athletic Female

Alisa Knight

“Winning these awards feels great because it lets me know my peers encourage my hard work and talents.”

Sarai Estupinan












Best Hair Male

Caden Teliha

“This award means so much to me! My hair has gone through many stages throughout my middle and high school life, and I’m so glad people have enjoyed my rather wild hair journey as much as I have. Though some waiters and waitresses still sometimes refer to me as ‘ma’am,’ as a result of my longer hair, I’m still so grateful that the effort I’ve put into maintaining my long(ish) locks has gotten me to this award! Thank you so much!”

Cammie Teliha











Best Smile Male 

Logan Shaw

“Winning this award means a lot to me knowing that people enjoy making me smile.”

Danielle Walker












Best Smile Female

Savanna Laughlin

“I feel honored, lol. It really put a smile on my face.”

Hannah Black











Most Involved Male

Kuba Bard

“I’m glad to be recognized by my peers for my involvement in various club such as acting as Secretary of NTHS and SNHS and being the President of the NEHS.”

Robert Bard











Most Involved Female

Kate Schulle

“I wasn’t expecting this! Thanks to everyone who has supported me and shoutout to everyone I’ve met through the many organizations I’m in. Y’all are what make CPHS great! GO WOLVES!!”

Allison Pappas










Biggest Goofball Female

Carly Dornak

“It means I have the ability to make someone laugh in hopes of brightening their day.”

Courtesy of Carly Dornak












Class Brainiac Male

Chris Kim

“I am honored to be nominated among candidates much smarter than I am!”

Courtesy of Chris Kim












Class Brainiac Female

Stella Shipps

“I’m glad that my hard work in the classroom throughout high school allowed me to make a mark in the class of 2021.”

Romany Ly











Most School Spirit Male

Grant Passi

“Pretty cool loved leading the student section and putting together a fun time at the games.”

Jim Manning












Most Likely to Brighten Your Day Male

Davis Perron

“It means a lot. I’ve always enjoyed making people’s days a little brighter and it’s always nice to hear people enjoy being around me. And now I’ll have some tangible evidence that I was a friendly person in high school.”

Courtesy of Davis Perron











Most Likely to Brighten Your Day Female

Erica Shepherd

“I’m glad to know I help people have a little more happiness in their day. You really never know what someone is going though in life, so it’s good to always be nice to everyone. All it takes is a little smile or even just saying hey in the hallway it goes a long way, don’t get me wrong not everyone going to be nice to you but hey haters going to hate. But be yourself and confident.”

Sheila Hunter











Most Athletic Male

Josh Cameron

“It’s great to be nominated by my fellow classmates and I am very thankful. #GoWolves”

Courtesy of Josh Cameron










Cutest Couple

Breland Mungia & Josh Bretz

“I think it is sweet of our class to nominate us as cutest couple, and I’m honored and happy with this nomination!” -Breland Mungia

Courtesy of Breland Mungia











Best Hair Female

Jordan Hill


Biggest Goofball Male

Henry Etlinger


Most School Spirit Female

Paige Skipper


Top Senior Squad

Chris Kim, Chris Lee, Saketh Palagummi, John Nita, Connor Chen, Brian Yi, Conner Smith, Brody Bush, Alex Flores and Connor Wagner.