A Little Disney Magic

Princess Tea’s Annual Performance Returns


Photo Courtesy of CPHS Choir

The choir performed during the pandemic last year, having a socially distanced performance that also included virtual tickets. This year, their hard work will bring the familiar feelings of Disney as they’ve done annually. “We host this event to outreach to the community and provide families with an opportunity to have a little magic close at home,” Holt said. “There will be lots of songs from classic cartoon movies- How Far I’ll Go, Almost There, Arabian Nights just to name a few.”

Aahana Mulchandani, Reporter

Classic songs, interactive performances, and a fun Disney theme, ‘Princess Tea’ has it all. This year, it will be hosted on Feb. 26th, performed by students who spent a tremendous amount of time working together to create the show.

‘Princess Tea’ is an annual fundraiser hosted by Soundwave and Show Choir and is available for kids of all ages and families. After the pandemic hit, the previous Princess Tea Concert was held outside along with a virtual option. Now, they’re returning indoors and reverting back to their normal routine.

“It’s different this year because it’s back to the way we’ve normally done it,” Holt said. “They are in a different setting this time, trying to do it the original way.”

The production for this annual fundraiser started as soon as the last one ended, making all of the cast members think about production for the next one. Holt explained that the cast members are usually the ones setting up the show.

“We started working on the show in January after we got back from winter break,” Junior Olivia Alvis said. “My favorite part about preparing for Princess Tea would be blocking the scenes because I feel like that’s when the whole show starts coming together.”

The show is mostly directed towards a younger audience, making it a family favorite. Alvis explained that all of the songs are Disney themed and expressed her enthusiasm with certain aspects of the show coming up.

“We are singing lots of songs,” Alvis said. “But my favorites would have to be ‘To Be a Princess’, ‘Arabian Knights’, and ‘Almost There’. It is also very interactive and everyone gets to sing, dance, and more.”

Sophomore Mia Gleinser, explained that the Show Choir will mostly be playing villains in this upcoming show. She expressed excitement about the show while explaining more about the types of songs that the Show Choir will be singing.

“Our music is super fun,” Gleinser said. “It’s a medley of Cruella De Vil, Be Prepared, Trust in Me, Poor Unfortunate Souls, and Gaston.”

In addition to the variety of songs, costumes and audience engagement is also a big feature of the show. Dedication and effort, as well as coordination, are required to put on the show, according to Holt. 

“Every year, the show is written by the cast, so it’s a new adventure each time,” Holt said.  “It’s a year-long process when it comes to writing, producing, singing, practicing, dancing and  performing, on top of being a full stage production with lights and sound.”

The theme and setting are different each year, and requires a lot of student involvement. Holt explained that the cast wants to keep things new and fresh with their performances.

“We always have to change the entire script, plot, and tech every single year,” Holt said. “Because it’s a whole new show, there’s a lot of effects and blocking.”

The funds from the tickets which you can purchase on their main website go towards the seniors’ scholarships as well as any needs that the choir has. There is also a virtual option, and showtimes can be found on their website.

It’s a wonderful show and a Cedar Park favorite,” Head Choir Director, Lisa Holt said. “We even have some audience members that have attended every year for the last 15 years!”