ACL brings heat to Austin


Emilee Guernsey

ACL will be here only for one more weekend, Oct. 9-11. If you want to go, you can still get tickets through Craigslist.

Emilee Guernsey, Editor


The well known musical festival held every year right in Austin at Zilker Park came into town and blew people away, yet again. Austin City Limits weekend one was packed with musical fans from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and did not fail to impress the ACL goers.

The festival started on Friday Oct. 2, and when I arrived at the musical wonderland, I was already stunned at the sight of so many stages and so many faces. I didn’t know where to go at first, but I decided to just go to a random stage and listen to whoever was playing. The music consumed me, and it was an unforgettable feeling.

Throughout the weekend there were popular bands, and some not so famous bands, but they all performed wonderfully. Many of the artists that I watched, including: Drake, The Weeknd, Chance the Rapper, and more, all shocked me; I was not expecting everyone to sound as amazing as they did. No one was lip singing, and it seemed that every artist that played really enjoyed being at ACL to perform. One of the most exhilarating bands I was able to see was Tame Impala. They were by far the best experience. The lead singer, Kevin Parker, sang all of his songs beautifully and kept the crowd intrigued.

Although there were so many great performances, there were a couple of things about ACL that were a little irritating. The crowds were by far the worst thing I witnessed while at ACL. If it was a big headliner about to perform, there was zero breathing room. You got real comfortable with the people around you, which did let me make many new friends, but not in the most convenient way.

For people who may be going this upcoming weekend, I advise you to not be the guy that shoves through everyone at the last second to get to the front. You will get pushed and yelled at. I also advise you to stay super hydrated, with water please, and make sure you got your sunglasses and sunscreen ready to go. Keep friends nearby, and make sure you have a meeting spot if you get separated.

All-in-all, ACL was by far the best music festival I have gotten to go to. It’s worth the price of the ticket, and it’s worth the sunburns and the stepped on toes. I expect to go again next year, just a little more prepared.