From Rock to Pop, “The Killers” Release New 2017 Album

Perry Jamail, Reporter

On their fifth full-length studio release, “The Killers” released album “Wonderful Wonderful” to mixed reviews from fans.

Since their 2004 rock debut album, “Hot Fuss,” which went triple platinum in the United States and produced fan favorites like “Somebody Told Me,” “All These Things I’ve Done” and “Mr. Brightside,” “The Killers” have mostly stuck to their rock roots in their three albums after their first.

Released on Sept. 22, 2017, “Wonderful Wonderful” is a ten-song album, produced by Jacknife Lee, and showcased single “The Man.” This album takes a more pop/disco style of music and mixes it with the bold bass riffs and electric guitar hooks the band is known for in their previous albums. Many fans like this new pop route the band is taking, but some wish “The Killers” would return to their mainly rock-styled music the fans are used to receiving from this band.

Starting off with a song matching the title of the album, “Wonderful Wonderful” is a very eerie and slow-paced pop song most notable for its catchy bass tune that’s played in the background for the whole duration of the song. Several other songs on this album repeat this style of slow-pop such as “Some Kind of Love,” “Rut” and “Have All the Songs Been Written?”.

The showcased single of this album, “The Man,” is a very disco-style song, which was very unexpected as this song was unlike anything “The Killers” had ever produced before in their 13-year career. Synthesised music and an electronic beat added with very repetitive, although catchy, lyrics combine to make a very good modern disco song.

Halfway through the album, “Run for Cover” starts off with a catchy guitar riff and proceeds to expand into the same style of rock songs “The Killers” have been known for in their previous works. The lyrics, sticking with the overall theme of “Wonderful Wonderful”, remain quirky and don’t seem to make much sense without explanation. This song seems to be the only rock-styled song on the whole album, but it’s good to see “The Killers” expand their music genres and play around a little bit with their sound and style.

Filled with a large amount of electric guitars and energizing drums as well as a good amount of electronic sounds and synthesised music, “Tyson vs. Douglas” is a perfect example of “The Killers” approach to blending the modern pop and rock genres together. This is probably one of my favorites on this album, reminding me slightly of the song “I Ran” by “A Flock of Seagulls” due to the mixed use of electronic sounds and electric guitars throughout. “The Calling” is also another song on “Wonderful Wonderful” that stays with the new pop/rock mix “The Killers” introduced in this album.                

Overall this album is a very experimental and funky one from “The Killers”. Unlike their previous albums, this one leans heavily on a pop/disco feel and sound, but also brings back the classic “Killers” rock sound in a few of their songs. Because of the funky and quirky, but catchy, pop and disco sound and weird lyrics that don’t make much sense, I’m giving “The Killers” “Wonderful Wonderful” a six and a half out of ten stars. This is something I could listen to every now and then, and even then, only a select few tracks on the album, but not on a regular basis.

For any “Killers” fans I encourage you to listen to a few of the songs on this album on YouTube before you decide to purchase it.