Frozen…worth melting for or nahh?

Miranda’s view

photo 1

I finally succumbed to the peer pressure that is watching the movie Frozen. Let me tell you, I was underwhelmed.

I swear I went into it with an open mind. I wasn’t expecting a realistic portrayal of romance and loss or anything. Ready for a cute, fun and entertaining 108 minutes, I pressed play.

First things first, I was incredibly disappointed. The beginning consisted of what seemed like song after song. The best part was when Olaf finally entered the movie. Otherwise, it was the same caliber of Disney movie as any of the other new ones, nothing like the classic Disney I knew and loved as a kid.

The only difference from the usual storyline was the fact that the character saving the day was a female accompanied by a male, instead of vice versa. The Oscar winning song “Let it Go” was cute but not as catchy as most of the other Disney songs.

Overall, I will continue to think Beauty and The Beast and Sleeping Beauty are the greatest Disney works of all time, leaving Frozen from the mix.


Lizzy’s view

photo 2

When I first heard that Disney would be creating another animated princess movie, I was head-over-heels excited, and eagerly bought tickets to the midnight premiere.

When I first saw the movie, I admit that perhaps I was a bit overexcited. I had devoted my time before the movie was released to scrolling through the Disney website, watching clips and memorizing the songs.

I was enchanted by the great animation and heartwarming story line, and I of course was blown away by the soundtrack, including the fantastic score by Christophe Beck. So when the credits started rolling, I was completely satisfied.

But as I bought the much-anticipated DVD and watched the movie about three more times just because I could, the plot lost some of its energy, and the numerous songs grew a bit old. Perhaps this was just because I had been so obsessed with it that I simply grew tired of it more easily.

But nevertheless, it was a very well made film with a great cast, and it was definitely worth watching.