Pan Flies in and out of theaters

Janet Nava, Reporter

When orphaned 12 year old Peter Pan gets caught into the magical adventure of Neverland, his past, present and future all becomes clear in this wonderful origin story of the classic tale “Peter Pan”. The bland colors in the setting of 1940s England, to the bursting color wheel pallet in Neverland shows the extensive detail and thoughtfulness of the design of the imaginative and used to be real world. With the movie containing new twists with the beloved characters of the past animated children’s movie, creates awe with the major emotional and relationship growth. The extensive design elements, of the island, and Neverland, displays the intense CGI effects that the industry has now developed.


Though this movie veers off the animated version greatly, the new plot and background thematics was not enough for it to break the box office. The RatPac-Dune Entertainment has reported the loss of money due to the lack  of audience attendance. Most reviews of the movie claimed that “PAN” fell short of being the hyped up origin story it was made out to be. The “Peter Pan” franchise has seen too much of the light of day, with the “Peter Pan Musical,” the animated movies and now a revamping of it’s origin story; this is what mostly likely caused the RatPac-Dune Entertainment, to have a major dent in its bank account. The movie was thought to be more connected to the main idea of Peter wanting to never grow up, but that never happened in this version of the story, ever. The idea of never growing old and never growing up was never an explicit topic discussed, thus making the story line completely foreign to the originals.


My rating for this movie would be an 8 out of 10. The movie for me was a success, with just the right amount of action, hinted romance, and the maturing theme of finding and accepting yourself made the movie more enjoyable. I believe it achieved what the director and writers were aiming for and yet still made it to be viewable. Though the ending was vague and the lack of attendance makes the movie production seem a bit hazy, overall the movie was good enough for me to enjoy being at the theaters. 

You can still see this movie in dollar theaters till the second of Nov.