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Review Over “Uncharted” Featuring Tom Holland


Photo By: Penny Moreno

“Uncharted” starring Tom Holland gains popularity because the movie is based off of a video game. The movie is a fun, action-filled movie with many obstacles that the main character must face throughout the movie. The movie always left me on the edge of my seat in a state of excitement and nervousness.

Penny Moreno, Reporter

When I walked into the movie theater I was welcomed with the scent of flavorful popcorn and savory food. While walking through the theater, I thought about how luxurious Alamo Draft was compared to other theaters. I realized how long it had been since going to these theaters. When we walked into the showing theater, I was greeted with a kind waiter letting us know of a menu and how we could order. At the time I was just coming home from a trip to Houston, so viewing “Uncharted” was a great way to relax and end my weekend.

As I viewed pictures of the poster of the movie, I was able to identify the main characters. Tom Holland plays the lead role Nathan Drake, a mischievous thief who is fascinated by the history of treasure. Holland is most recognized for his role as Marvel’s Spiderman, and he has played this role multiple times in his individual “Spiderman” movies as well as many other Marvel movies. 

Co-star Mark Wahlberg who plays “Victor Sullivan” is also a very admired actor and producer that has created many famous movies. Wahlberg is most popular for his comedic movies like “The Other Guys” or “Daddy’s Home.” These two actors alone piqued my interest and drew me to “Uncharted.”

The plot starts with a scene of young Nathan and his older brother Sam Drake. I could immediately tell that Nathan wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps and pursue his passion for history and treasure hunting. As they try to steal important pieces of history for a journey for treasure, they are immediately caught and sent back to the orphanage where they are staying. Next, Sam runs away promising that he will return one day to see Nathan again. Years go by and Nathan is an adult now and he becomes really good at mischievously stealing things from his customers as a bartender. Later he is scouted by Victor Sullivan or Sully, to help him find a treasure that his brother also wanted to find. He pushes through obstacles and begins his journey to set out for gold.

The movie started with a very high-speed beginning, I was anxiously surprised and confused because the beginning started off with an action scene. It left me wondering what was going on and what was going to happen next in the movie. Then, as the action scene ended it began to fill in the viewers of the back story of the movie.

The actors and plot contributed to my interest in the movie, but the name of the movie did as well. I also realized in my mind, I had a memory of seeing this name somewhere, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. “Uncharted” sounded extremely familiar to me and continued to puzzle my mind for a few hours. That same day I opened my Playstation to start playing some video games, where I was struck with shock after seeing the name “Uncharted” on my screen. I had seen this game before but I had never connected them together. My original interest for the movies was Tom Holland, but quickly I found out that it was also a video game.

The video game “Uncharted” was released in 2007 and was made by creator Amy Hennig. As I researched more about the game I was able to find out that the game is a bit different from the movie. The video game is about the main character “Nathan Drake” who travels the world as a treasure hunter. Whereas the movie only discusses one journey of treasure hunters, Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan.

I could tell from the trailer that it would be an action-packed adventure movie, which I really enjoy because it always leaves me at the edge of my seat. I especially liked the acting during action scenes, I know some of the actors have done action movies in the past and it looked very genuine. I definitely felt excited and nervous in hope of the success of the main characters.

I really liked that the beginning of the movie where it shows Nathan as a young kid really develops the plot and helps viewers connect and understand Nathan. It also helps them understand more about how he grows up. I also enjoyed seeing the character development of the main characters. As Sully and Nathan meet they definitely grow a friendship instead of just a business partnership.

I loved the visuals from the movie, throughout the whole movie they were constantly traveling so it was nice to see all of the beautiful places they go. There were many vibrant and bright colors that stood out and made the movie more enjoyable to watch. I recommend this movie to anyone that loves action movies, it is a loud movie with many big sudden action scenes but the scenes really add to the story. I really enjoyed the whole experience of watching the movie from start to finish.

Penny’s Overall Rating: 8/10

Visual Rating: 9/10

Plot Rating: 8/10

Acting Rating: 10/10