Basketball dribbles into a new season

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Avery Deen, Reporter

The CP girls and boys basketball teams both went far last season, with the boys making it to state semifinals and the girls making it to the third round of play-offs. This year both teams hope to go farther, and the girls have changed their approach to better fit the many new team members and play to the strengths of the new team, according to senior small forward for the  varsity team, Jennifer Stallings.

“We’ve had to change a lot this season because a lot of the seniors that graduated were really key to the system we were running,” Stallings said. “We’ve implemented a lot of new plays and changed up some old ones, so that the style we play is better suited to the players we have now. Personally, I have tried to become more of a leader on the court this year, and I’m trying to play more aggressive and score more to help out the team and provide energy when we need it.”

Senior Davis Brock, who plays for the boys varsity team, has changed up his personal training program and his strategy on the court.

“I’ve been training a lot more on my own, doing some personal workouts with some of my club coaches, as well as spending a little extra time after practice at school,” Brock said. “My approach to this season is very different. I’m more of a leader on the team, I’ve taken on more responsibility and tried to really work harder and set an example for the younger guys. As a team, we’ve had to adjust our strategy a bit because we lost so many seniors that were very influential to our team. We have some younger guys now as well as a few players totally new to Cedar Park and our program. So, we are finding the right way to put everyone in a position where they can use their strengths and make the team the best it can be. I’m very excited for our first game. I’m ready to play.”

Senior small forward, Connor Lowe, has also intensified his training regime and is excited for the first game.

“I’ve been putting in a lot of work in the gym both in and out of school, also I have gone to Houston to work with one of my coaches,” Lowe said. “I’m trying to be more of a leader on the team and give it everything I have this year because it’s my last year. I am excited for our first game and feel that we are prepared and are going to do well.”

Both teams have several scrimmages and games coming up and are preparing every day, and junior point guard Aubrey McCarty is confident that their training will pay off.

“We practice for hours and hours a day, so that we are very prepared for the season. We’re running new offenses to show our strengths as a team,” McCarty said. “We are all very excited for the first game. We have been preparing and we are all confident going into this game. I think it’s going to be very successful.”

The boys first game is a varsity scrimmage on Nov. 11 at Pflugerville High School at 5:30 p.m. The girls second scrimmage against Killeen and Westlake at home on Nov. 7. Their first game is against Pflugerville at 7:00 p.m. in the Pflugerville gym on Nov. 10.

To see the full schedule for this season, go to: for girl’s varsity and JV games and for the boy’s.