Bowling Gets Back in the Swing of Things


Addy Bates

Raising his back swing in the air, junior Nick Martin continues his approach in order to pick up a spare. “I’m getting better each and every time I go bowling,” Martin said. “Being with my friends has made me feel like I’m a part of a team and something bigger than just myself.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

When walking into Mel’s Lone Star Lanes on Friday night during a high school bowling meet, the shouts of “Who are we?” followed by “CP!” can clearly be heard echoing through the bowling alley. This is because of the immense support of the growing bowling team.

After finishing in third place in its 2017-2018 inaugural season, with only one member having previous bowling experience, the bowling team is back and ready to compete against schools from all around the Austin area.

“Being on the first team was a great experience and I loved it mainly because I was with all my friends,” junior member Nick Martin said. “Being in a collective group with all your friends and learning something new is always really fun.”

Martin, who had never bowled competitively before last season, finished his first season with a 119 average and helped the team win close baker games with his spare accuracy and power.

“I’m getting better each and every time I go bowling,” Martin said. “I’m a part of a team and something bigger than just myself.”

Since last year, the team has added new faces to the team, including freshman Kameron Redfern, junior Ian Cheek and senior Dalton Hartmann. While none of the new members have bowled in the past, veteran junior member Kyle Redfern said that he has enjoyed his experience bowling on a high school team.

“Bowling has given me new friends and a hobby that has become enjoyable and super intriguing,” Redfern said. “I like the relationships and the camaraderie between everyone, along with making new friends and having a ton of fun.”

The 2017-2018 season was also Redfern’s first year bowling, and he finished with a 124 average overall. After two meets of the 2018-2019 season, Redfern currently holds a 151 average and has helped the team during baker games with his reliable accuracy and ability to strike under pressure.

“My favorite aspects of high school meets are the competition and all of the people cheering us on,” Redfern said. “Along with a ton of support from the parents and some awesome jerseys that look the best out of any school.”

This season, Redfern has made it onto the leaderboard after posting a 163 average following the first meet. Team captain junior Addy Bates leads the girls division with a 202 average, which is the next closest average behind her being a 185 from Cedar Ridge.

“Those who want to join totally need to give it a try,” Redfern said. “It’s a lot more fun than what you think and you’ll get a great group of people ready to help and become great friends.”