Cedar Park baseball’s last inning

Chris Collins

The Cedar Park baseball team’s last game was on Apr. 26, at home. The boys did not make it to playoffs this year, but played hard with five wins.

 “The season did not go as well as we expected it to be,” Ryan Johnson, pitcher and senior, said. “However we have a lot of young players, and when they are seniors and leaders we will have a better team.”

Even though everybody wants to win, the game is also a sport for the players who perform it to enjoy.

“The best part of the season was being out on the field with the other guys, they are like brothers to me,” Johnson said.

The Cedar Park baseball team is a young team, with a lot to improve upon in the upcoming seasons.

“We did well for how young of a team we are,” Johnson said. “We would have done better if we won a lot of our one-run games.”

One-run games are games where the losing team lost by only one run.

This season the boys did their best and laid a path for younger players to improve upon, but still have a lot farther to go before being the formidable team they anticipate to become.