CPFB takes another win Homecoming night


Macy Loyd

Senior Bronsen Chong and senior Jackie Farias crowned Homecoming king and queen. “Winning my freshman year as duke was surprising,” Chong said. “This year Jackie asked me to run with her, so it wasn’t such a shock.”

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

Redeeming themselves from a loss to Dripping Springs in 2014, CP goes 4-0 with a score of 55-24 on Sept.18.

“[The redemption] felt good, we went into the week with a fire under us from last year’s shut out,” sophomore QB #1 Mak Sexton said. “We were much more focused this year, and it turned out well in the end.”

The game began with a touchdown from CP in the first couple minutes of the game, and then an immediate touchdown by Drip right after. Through the first half, the game consisted of a back and forth theme, until the second half, when CP came out and took a lead of 48-10.

“During halftime, offense went through plays that had mistakes, and we tried to clear up the confusion,” Sexton said. “It was mostly just going over what to fix [for the second half].”

CP’s defense worked on their mistakes in the past game against Westwood in preparation for Dripp, according to junior DL #90 William Harris. During the second half, the defense was able to stop Drip’s offense multiple times from scoring, causing them to punt the ball.

“We had a lot of mental busts in [the past games],” Harris said. “We weren’t stopping their offense quick enough to get defense off the field.”

While CPFB was attempting to go 4-0, Homecoming winners were also to be announced. Senior Bronsen Chong and senior Jackie Farias were crowned king and queen.

“I didn’t have an expectation to win this year in case I lost, I didn’t want to be upset,” Chong said. “It was a really exciting and unique feeling to win Homecoming king.”