Girls Varsity Basketball Starts Off Season with a Win


Ximena Martinez

Senior Kilee West passes the ball at their first game of the season against Hutto on Nov. 28.

Sydney Miner, Reporter

Taking home their first win of the season against Hutto on Nov. 28 at home, the varsity girls basketball team looks forward to working towards playoffs, according to shooting guard and senior Jordan Ott.

Like many teams, the girls like listening to music to get pumped for the game, get focused by hitting the gym and also stretch in order to avoid injuries so that they can be completely ready to play hard. But what makes this team stand out is there tight-knit relationship with each other, says guard/forward sophomore Takara Holst.

“I’ve noticed that this year we have bonded more than previous years even with the change in coaches and in the program,” Holst said.

Holst says that heir first game of the season was a major success. With it being her first year on varsity, she says that it was a great way to start off the season.

“We started the game off strong by getting a good lead in the first quarter and after that we just played our game,” Holst said.

Leading up to the season, they have been watching films, scrimmaging, running through their plays and discussing ways to combat any offense or defense that they may get hit with.

“We’ve been studying film to correct our mistakes and to figure out what other teams do,” said point guard and junior Callie Copeland. “We’re going over some new plays and conditioning for every game.”

The girls are excited not only for playing this upcoming season but also having the opportunity to grow closer with the group, according to Ott.

“It’s good to know we all have each other’s back on and off the floor,” Ott said. “It helps to know while we’re playing.”