Goals for the team and from the team; girl’s soccer season concludes


Savannah Lundin

“During the game I’m focused on our main goal which is to win,” Freshman Riley Petcosky said. “In the process I’m always trying to give everything I’ve got and make a difference on the field.”

Kerry Madden, Reporter

Game after game, the girls varsity soccer team emerged victorious. Claiming the title of district champions after going undefeated, the lady wolves advanced as a force to be reckoned with in playoffs. The success experienced by the team can be traced back to their preparations before the season began as well as their practices. Prior to the competition season, the team was already practicing and working out everyday. Additionally, the team attended tournaments to acclimate playing with one another as this year’s team. Although they were on the same page when it came to their goals, making it to the championship and taking home the gold, the team’s time in playoffs was ended by a loss to Vista Ridge in the third round of playoffs,1-0.

“To prepare for the season, I tried to familiarize myself with the playing style and overall environment of our team,” holding midfielder Ellie Carr said. “I also tried to improve individually by picking out my weak points and working on them.”

Other team members such as outside midfielder Peyton Ramsey had a different perspective going into the soccer season this year.

“Before the season, I was really excited because I felt like we are a very strong team,” Ramsey said. “I was excited to see how we would do against teams that we struggled with last year.”

Many members of the team recall their first game against Vista Ridge and their game against Vandegrift as highlights of their season. Both games came down to the wire. In the Vandegrift game, the Lady Wolves were behind almost the entirety of the game. Despite being behind, the girl’s soccer team was able to tie up the score during the last two minutes. The Vista Ridge game, the varsity girls pushed ahead with decisive scores within the last five minutes. The first Vista Ridge game was the team’s last district game.

It was Senior Night, we experienced lots of bad weather before hand, and we weren’t sure we would even play,” defensive midfielder Emma Dooher recalled. “We eventually played a full game after a couple delays and won 3-0.”

Off the field, the team continuously worked to improve their performance whether it was watching film from previous games or improving their overall fitness. On the field during games, the girls share like-minded perspectives focused on the team’s dynamic.

“My mindset during a game is typically to play with my teammates in a manner that will help not only myself but the players around me,” outside defender Jillian Brown said. “Soccer is such a big team sport. Everyone really has to work together to succeed.”

On a personal level, Carr focuses on her strengths to carry her responsibility of the team.

“During a game I try to ignore any nerves I have and focus on being strong both mentally and physically,” Carr said. “I also block distractions as much as possible. Mental strength is just as important as physical strength in a game.”

When they’re not on the field or reviewing old film, the team would still do things in the spirit of improving the team’s dynamic.

“We have team dinners every Thursday before games,” Ramsey said. “Every person is assigned to do a special team motivation before every game too.”

The team’s playoffs began with a win to Vista Ridge and ended in a lost to Vista Ridge. Although they did not achieve their overall goal of winning the championship, their positivity and dedication from this season has the probability to continue into their competition season next year. With a team full of members focused on the well being and performance of the team as a whole, our lady t-wolves were a solid dominating force in district play and in playoffs.