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Players Prepare for 2021 Season


Ally JohnPress

Preparing to hit the incoming ball, sophomore Mary Lawler looks forward on Feb. 6. As Lawler prepares for another season, she said she hopes the team is able to play their whole season with minimal interruptions. “I’m looking most forward to the games this season since last year’s were canceled by [COVID-19],” Lawler said. “I like the individuality of the sport and how I can put my focus into one position.”

Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief

Losing the chance to redeem themselves at playoffs in 2020 with the unexpected ending of the season in March 2020, the softball team is prepared to get out into the field and compete this spring. After finishing 4-13 overall and fifth in the district, according to MaxPreps, the team remembers the uncertainty of the time and was hopeful looking toward 2021.

“I really had no clue if there was going to be a season or not,” junior pitcher Madyn Singleton said. “We had a game on Mar.13, and I remember Coach telling us all to take our equipment home from the locker room ‘just in case.’ We all kind of jokes about not coming back or not playing, but I definitely didn’t expect all the shutdowns to happen. I just hoped and hoped we had a season, and luckily we are.” 

With policy changes because of COVID-19, players can only have two spectators each, masks are mandatory and the team’s anticipated overnight tournament in College Station was canceled. Despite changes to how the games look this year, senior pitcher Taylor Alexander said she wants to ensure that she works hard to contribute to the team’s goals. 

“My personal goal for this season is to give my all out on the field, especially because this is my last season that I’ll ever play softball,” Alexander said. “The team’s goal is to just go out and have fun and work together to get some wins.” 

Facing new and more difficult opponents, like Leander and Georgetown, as a result of changes to the softball district, the team is frequently training and sharpening their skills. 

“We have been working hard in the weight room and have done a lot of conditioning to prepare for this year,” Alexander said. “I think we are most excited to play Leander this year. Myself and a lot of the girls on the team have several friends on Leander as well, so it should be a fun game.”

After losing to Glenn last year, catcher and outfielder sophomore Annika Oberg said winning a game against them this year would be a highlight for her. 

“Our most difficult opponent will be Georgetown with multiple transfers and a stacked roster they definitely have the benefit of the doubt,” Oberg said. “Although, Glenn is a game we lost last year. If we can get our bats going that game should be a well-earned win for the books.” 

With new COVID cases in the community every day and an unpredictable schedule because of sickness and quarantines, Singleton said at times it can be difficult to play. 

“It’s kind of hard to stay motivated when you never know what’s going to happen from week to week, but we all just try to make the best out of our situation and have fun,” Singleton said. 

As they get ready for future games, Oberg said the mindset of what the team and work they can do is important to determine the season’s final results.  

“The fate is in our hands, we have a couple of holes on the field since last year’s senior class left, but at this point, it is up to us to put in the work to make it far,” Oberg said. “We have a small but powerful group of girls.”