JV Dance team kicks off new year

Ashley Hughes

     For those who haven’t already heard, Cedar Park has a new team this year. The JV dance team consists of ten girls, under the direction of Stacy Danielson and Samantha Cockerham. This team allows eighth graders to try out for their freshman year, the perfect opportunity to become involved in the high school experience right away. Girls of any grade are welcome on the team.

     Leander Independent School District decided to add Junior Varsity dance, after a meeting with the dance teachers and the fine arts director.

      “It stemmed from wanting to have more performers,” Stacy Danielson, director, said.

     These girls have been dubbed many things like the “Celebrity minis” and the “JV Celebs,” but their official title is the JV dance team. Although this team is separate from Celebrities, some of them hope to pursue becoming a Celebrity drill team in the future.

     “I decided to tryout for JV to get ready for the Celebrity tryouts,” Katherine Brunt, freshman, said.

     Aside from varsity, versus junior varsity, some are curious to what the differences between the two dance teams are.

     “The main difference between Celebrities and JV dance is the time that goes into Celebrities, the Celebs practice all the time, every day, and the JV dance team meets every other day during class, except for special occasions.” Danielson said.

     The JV team performs at home JV football games, pep risers, iDance, Fall Show, Spring Show and basketball games. As of now, the JV team does not compete.

     “I decided to try out because I was a [Cedar Park Middle School] Crimson Cadet, and my sister Laura Alaniz was a Celebrity last year,” Katie Alaniz, freshman, said.

     Although they do not have rankings like “Captain” and “First Lieutenant”, the team has a student representative. This year Amber McMillan, freshman, fulfills that role and is in charge of certain projects like phone trees, helping out the directors and leading the team onto the field.

     The JV dance team attended a line camp this summer to work on technique, dances and team building.

     “My favorite thing we’ve done so far was the line camp this summer, we learned all the routines, and became closer,” Sarah Cutchens, sophomore, said.

     Tryouts for those who are interested for both the Celebrities and JV dance teams, are scheduled for December.

     “Be ready to perform in front of a bunch of people, and keep high energy and happiness, if you want to be on team,” Lauren Shulman, freshman, said.

     “We want to build to next year’s team a little, but not so much as to take away from the Celebrities,” Danielson said.

     Vista Ridge and Leader High School have already added JV dance teams. Vandergrift and Rouse High School will have teams sometime in the future.

     The Cedar Park JV dance team had their first performance September third. They performed a kick dance at the JV football game during halftime as well.

     “I am really excited to add these girls to the group of performers and dance athletes,” Danielson said.

     The JV dance roster includes: juniors Amanda Weston, and Molly Jones, sophomores Devin Shauger, Sarah Cutchens, Jenna Erban, Katie Alaniz, and  freshmen, Lauren Shulman,  Katherine Brunt, Katie Seesselberg and Amber McMillan.

     Spectators can watch the JV dance team perform at upcoming JV games and pep risers this football season. Make sure to come to Fall Show on November 19 to watch the JV dance team, the Celebrities, and the dance classes perform! Future JV dance candidates, start practicing!