The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Reciting their creed, the Celebrities drill team prepares to perform at Gupton stadium for the football team on a Friday night. The Celebrities’ creed is their tradition of spending a moment together before every performance. “It’s a tribute to our old director, and we [show our appreciation for her] by praying together that we all perform well for the crowd,” Woodard said. “It’s a way to bring up everyone’s spirits before a performance [so] I think it’s really important that we do it before every routine.”

Photo courtesy of Mia Caldwell

Do It With Confi-dance

Caroline Howard, Reporter October 31, 2023

As the loud buzz that marks the end of the second quarter is heard throughout the stadium, the Celebrities drill team gathers together right before half time. Anticipating their performance, the team forms...

Hitting their pose for their final performance, the celebrities dance team finishes out their season with their spring show, “Up, Up and Away.” The performance was held on May 6 and 7 in the PAC, which the team has been preparing for this show since the end of the end of football season in January. “It’s been difficult to process the fact that my life as a Celeb is finally over,” Kim said. “Now that the red curtain has closed, it’s finally settling in that my time wearing the glitter and the boots has expired. I’ve known that I would have to face the bittersweet ending at some point, but it’s definitely been harder than I thought it would be to let go of this team. In some ways I’m glad I have something that I will miss, because that means that this was worthwhile and valuable to me. More than anything, however, I just feel fortunate to have passed through such a respectable and enriching organization. The lessons and memories I’ve gained from Celebrities is something I will never take for granted.”

As the Curtain Closes

Isa Morgan, Reporter May 23, 2022

The curtain opens on a dark stage with the sounds of shoes running across the stage to get to their places in time. Suddenly, the sound stops as the voice of senior and social officer Emma Frith comes...

Cheering alongside the other student section leaders, senior Emily Rangel tries to keep energy high while watching the football games. The next home football game will be on Oct. 15, at the Gupton stadium. “I wanted to become student section leader because I felt like I would be able to help bring everyone together and be as enthusiastic as possible after COVID made last year really rough, Rangel said. I wanted to make sure I had some sort of leadership position in order to be able to make my senior year and everyone else’s year memorable. My best advice to the underclassmen is to not be afraid to be loud and partake in anything they can. It’s not embarrassing to have school spirit and it makes the pep rally much more enjoyable if everyone participates.”

Prepping to Get Peppy

Madison Shields, Reporter October 14, 2021

Chanting along with the entire student body, watching elaborate dances and listening to the athletes of the season speak about upcoming games. That is what has been missing this past year due to online...

Concentrating hard on getting her Acarte perfect, freshman Alison Cooper prepares for her eight ballet body positions assessment. The team spent two class periods learning each of the dances and then learned and memorized the names so that they could do well on their test. I love performing because I am able to make the audience happy, and it’s just a lot of fun when you perform because it is an automatic smile for me because most people are always having to force a smile, Cooper said. Yes, it hurts once you stop performing and you can stop smiling and your cheeks start burning, but it is just natural because I am so happy when I am out on the stage and the lights are on me.

Let There Be Light

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter September 27, 2021

The lights shine brightly in the gym, greeted by the sound of music as the girls learn a new dance routine. The word "Inspire" shines on the wall behind them, making all their efforts worth it. Dance team...

Senior and Celebrities captain, Caiti Dodge performs with her team at the Celebrities Spring Show on April 6. Dodge said that closing night of the Spring Show marked one of her proudest moments. I just kind of realized that I think I’ve left my mark on my team and we succeeded as a team, I was proud to be their captain, Dodge said.

Owning the Stage

Estefani Rios May 30, 2019

Five honor societies. Six dance shows. Seven a.m. practice. Eight leadership awards. With lights and eyes on the football field, the routine begins. In a white uniform with green and silver glitter...

While performing her solo Champion, freshman Lexi Hall moves across the stage in a powerful stance. “My jazz solo is mainly about being confident in myself, my ability and rising above my insecurities,” Hall said. “My contemporary solo was focused more towards improving and growing in my movement.

Solo Ensemble Competition Raises Over $9,000

Estefani Rios, Reporter March 7, 2019

To raise money for the Stacy Kaye Danielson scholarship, the Celebrities dance team hosted the Stacy K. Danielson Solo Ensemble Competition (SEC) on Feb. 2. The Celebrities organization gained full control...

Freshman Carlton Marcom poses with fellow Rising Star Ava Caldwell. Marcom auditioned on Nov. 29 after attending multiple clinics leading up to audition day. The first day, it went super fast, we learned a really [difficult] routine [at a] really fast pace, Marcom said. But at the end of tryouts and clinics I [felt] more confident because of practice.

Hitting Their Mark

Estefani Rios, Reporter December 10, 2018

Friday night lights, sparkly outfits, bright smiles and “Hooray for Hollywood”-it encompasses the Celebrity way. Every year, new candidates and returning members audition for a spot on the award-winning...

Lights Out White Out

Lights Out White Out

Nithila Ilangovan, Reporter October 19, 2018

Neon colors and glow in the dark accessories made for a loud, spirit filled gym after second period today. Students glowed in their white t-shirts at this year’s black light pep rally as they got hyped...

Photo by Katelyn Tschoerner

They’ve Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You?

Callie Copeland, Reporter September 20, 2018

Metal Shop. The T-Wolf Rumble. Pinkies intertwined as the crowd sings “Forever Cedar Park High.”  These traditions are what hold together the student body during Friday Night Lights. They unite...

Poms up high, Celebrities officer Jenna McQueen lines of her dancers at the Vandy game on Aug. 31. This was the first time on the field since the passing of their dance director, Stacy Danielson. It was definitely a very emotional time, when we circled up right before to do our team prayer, McQueen said. We all just had the same idea in mind, to make her proud.

Dancing Without D

Deana Trautz, Editor-in-Chief September 17, 2018

Music fades and applause fills the PAC at another performance from the Celebrities dance team. As the girls wait for the curtain to close, they hold their poses and look off to the side to see their director,...

Sophomore Celebrities Kelsey McFarland and Lauren Allen with Ashley Peterson (center) at the Celebrities Holiday Showcase.

CP Celebrities Celebrate the Holiday Season

Jordy Peterson, Reporter December 7, 2016

With lights glaring and smiles gleaming, the CPHS Celebrities performed their Holiday show on Thursday, Dec. 1. Attendees brought toys to donate to the Blue Santa, a nonprofit organization that provides...

Celebs prepare for spring showcase

Amanda Weston April 1, 2010

     Throughout the year the Celebrities have dazzled audiences at football games, dance shows, competitions and even at the Cotton Bowl. But the team isn’t finished yet; their biggest performance...

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