Hitting Their Mark

Dancers Audition for Chance at Being a Celebrity


Courtesy of Carlton Marcom

Freshman Carlton Marcom poses with fellow Rising Star Ava Caldwell. Marcom auditioned on Nov. 29 after attending multiple clinics leading up to audition day. “The first day, it went super fast, we learned a really [difficult] routine [at a] really fast pace,” Marcom said. “But at the end of tryouts and clinics I [felt] more confident because of practice.”

Estefani Rios, Reporter

Friday night lights, sparkly outfits, bright smiles and “Hooray for Hollywood”-it encompasses the Celebrity way.

Every year, new candidates and returning members audition for a spot on the award-winning Celebrities dance team, and this year was no different.

Freshmen, sophomores and juniors auditioned on Thursday, Nov. 29 in the dance gym. Among the candidates were freshmen Emeralds Carlton Marcom and Emma Frith, as well as sophomore Kendall Richardson and junior Celebrity Cally Hall.

Although they have all had previous dance experience, they said that this did not take away from the nervousness of that night.

“I’m nervous because I don’t want to mess up, I want to do my best,” Hall said. “Last year, [the dance] was really easy, but this year they’ve stepped it up, and I think that’s a good thing. It helps get people who are up to the standard of Celebrities.”

It helps get people who are up to the standard of Celebrities,

— Cally Hall (11)

Richardson, who has not had any experience dancing with the school, said that although she felt good about her performance at the clinics, she was nervous about the other dancers auditioning.

“I’m really nervous because there are so many good dancers and a lot of them have already been [an] Emerald or Celebrity, so Mrs. Evans knows them,” Richardson said. “I’ve never danced with Cedar Park before, so no one really knows me, but I think that I’m prepared.”

The audition process can be intense and stressful when combined with school work and classes. Marcom said that because there was always a chance of staying late, she tried to do her homework the day it was assigned.

“I’m in all Pre-AP and AP classes, [so] I’ve had a lot of homework,” Marcom said. “But I try to get it done the day I get it, that way if I have late practice or I’m here later than I should be, I already have it done.”

In a room full of hopeful dancers, it can be hard to stand out. Frith said that apart from dancing, she thinks that her social personality made her more of a worthy candidate.

“I’m a very social person and I’m a very positive person too, so I like spreading positivity, including people, and helping people any way I can,” Frith said.

With the exception of Richardson, all of the girls got a callback after their initial performance. Callbacks are an opportunity for the judges to see dancers perform again, and it is not necessarily a good or bad thing. Hall was accustomed to this occurrence as she has gotten a callback every year at tryouts since her freshman year. Frith said that she was not worried for callbacks as she believed that it was another opportunity to show her dance abilities.

“Most people get really nervous and feel like callbacks are bad, but I am the complete opposite,” Frith said. “I was thrilled. I see it as another opportunity to show my skills. I did so much better the second time and I felt much more confident.”

Later that night after the audition process, at around 10 p.m., the results came in. All four girls made the 2019-2020 Celebrities team. Frith and Marcom transitioned from Emeralds to Rising Stars, Hall gained her spot on the Celebrities for her senior year and Richardson gained the opportunity to continue her passion for dance as a Rising Star.

To hopeful candidates next year, Hall said she advises them to always do their best, smile and be confident. 

I am really looking forward to bonding with all the girls and doing what I love,

— Kendall Richardson (10)

“Confidence is important for auditioning because if you’re not confident in yourself, then the judges [can’t know] if you would be a good addition to the team,” Hall said. “It’s also important because when you’re not confident in yourself, you tend to hold back and not dance as [well].”

In a matter of months, Richardson, Marcom and Frith’s title will change from Rising Stars to official Celebrities, while Hall will begin dancing with the team for the last time during her senior year. Richardson said in addition to being a part of Friday night lights, she is most looking forward to bonding with the team.  

“I am really looking forward to bonding with all the girls and doing what I love,” Richardson said. “I’m super excited to support our school and be involved in something so awesome.”