Lacrosse gets ready for spring season

Chris Collins

The 40 degree temperature and inch thick layer of mud was not enough to stop the boys lacrosse team from running is first practice on Jan 9. The season opened with the club photo and then a two mile run around the cross country course.

“I’m excited for the season to be starting up because we are going to get a lot of work done and we have a lot of talent this year,” Jeff Kiszkiel a junior and varsity attack player said.

This season the boys hope to be in better shape than ever before by planning on working not only in full pads, but also having cardio days where they run the cross country track and rotate doing different exercises. 

“The team needs to work on basic skills,” Kiszkiel said. “Like the foundation.”

This year lacrosse has become an official club at Cedar Park, marking a new chapter in the clubs history here. Now attendance is tallied, and you still need passing grades to be eligible to play.

“Lacrosse is becoming more serious, it is getting closer to becoming a UIL sport,” Kiszkiel said.

This year there are many new players. One of the new players is senior defensive midfielder Blake Young. This is Young’s first year of playing lacrosse, however he has already made varsity, and is enthusiastic for this season.

“I’m so excited, we have been training hard and we are focused and determined enough to go all the way this year,” Young said.

The team won its first game of the season at home against McNeil 10 to 9 on Jan. 19. For a schedule of future games, visit